5 Tips to Find an Apartment For Rent in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

5 Tips to Find an Apartment For Rent in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Apartment hunting can truly take a toll on your mental peace. When you seek apartments for rent in a metropolitan city like Vancouver, finding the right place can be very time consuming. There are multiple factors that people need to consider before renting an apartment, such as whether the location is right or if the area has access to basic amenities. 

In addition to creating a checklist for apartment rentals, people also need to weigh in those factors and rank them in terms of importance. Whether your apartment has an in-built dishwasher, a washing machine, or access to ample sunlight, these are also important factors people take into consideration.

Renting an apartment that ticks all boxes can often get very expensive as well. For all apartment hunters, check out these tips when seeking an apartment for rent:

1. Set your budget

Prior to beginning your apartment search, you should first of all set a budget for yourself. This would greatly help you narrow down and shortlist your options, and hence make your apartment search much more streamlined. You may need to sit down and list all your monthly expenses, and devise how much you can afford to spend on rent per month. 

You should also consider all other related expenses such as utility bills, transport expenses, groceries, gym membership fees, etc. Once you have your budget on paper you would be able to list down areas and pertaining apartment buildings that are ideal for you.

2. Create a checklist

Your checklist should include all the things you look for in an ideal apartment and all items should be ranked according to their importance. While creating this list, be mindful of your budget and think practically. 

Being too positive could possibly be very disheartening for you if you do not land an apartment of your choice. Be realistic with the type of apartment you can get in a limited budget.

3. Consider when to look for an apartment

If you aren’t time bound in your apartment search, you should consider the time of the year while renting an apartment. Generally in the summer season, since most people are looking for apartments, prices are at an all-time high. 

If possible, look for apartments during the months of October and December. Prices start to rise around March and hence make sure to limit your search within October till March. Few people look for apartments during the colder months of the year and around the holiday season hence apartment prices tend to fall.

4. Call for second opinion

If you are planning to live with a roommate, your partner or your friends, call for their opinion before you decide on a place. This is because your roommate’s opinion also matters and both of you should be fond of the apartment that you are going to live in. 

Even if you are planning to live alone, get opinion from your close friends or family on the apartments you have shortlisted. Sometimes you may not be able to spot issues in an apartment that your loved ones can and hence it is important that you get a second opinion.

5. Negotiate like there’s no tomorrow

Once you have decided on your final choice, get prepared to negotiate like there is no tomorrow. Even if your chosen apartment is within your budget, it never harms to save up on some cash. 

Be sure to negotiate with your landlord and also make it seem like you have other options available. If they know that they could lose you, they would be likely to adjust with you and accommodate themselves within your budget.


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