5 Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Your Home

5 Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Your Home

The average person who chooses to remodel their kitchen will spend a whopping $12,000+ on their project.

Why are thousands of people each year willing to invest so much money in their eating/cooking spaces? In our estimation, it’s because kitchens are gathering areas where some of the best moments that happen in a household take place.

As you mull over making your kitchen more capable of hosting your house’s most special memories, we implore you to consider modern kitchen lighting ideas.

Lighting is often an afterthought when it comes to kitchen remodels. We’re here to tell you that it should be at the forefront of your consideration as it can make all the difference in your space.

Keep reading to take in 5 outstanding kitchen lighting ideas that are worth implementing!

1. Big Windows With White Cabinets

Natural light is by far one of the most incredible legs you can build the foundation of your kitchen. It can make your space feel as though it’s outdoors even though it’s inside and can bring about a sense of warmth and happiness.

You’ll want big windows to fill your space with enough natural light to feel like your kitchen is fully lit. This can be limited to some houses as several don’t have light ports that are impressive enough to illuminate a room.

What can help is having all-white cabinetry, which can do an incredible job of amplifying and reflecting the light you do have.

2. Bring the Outside In

Most can tell the difference between outside lighting fixtures and inside lighting fixtures. Outside lighting fixtures tend to be more lantern-like in shape, might be black, and usually light from the top down.

An idea we love when people play with is bringing fixtures that traditionally come off as patio lighting into their indoor eating spaces. Compliment these fixtures with a wood dining table and tons of plants, and you’ll make your kitchen look like it lives in your garden.

3. Neon

Neon isn’t for everyone. For the people who can handle its eclectic charm, though, we think it’s worth using in your eating space.

Lighting portions of your kitchen with novelty and neon signs can give your space a retro feel and pops of unique color you can’t achieve with other fixtures.

4. Lean on Candles

Dim kitchens that leverage candles as their key lights convey a sense of comfort in a space that’s all about getting people to relax. To get your kitchen adequately lit with candles, we recommend establishing “candle groupings,” where you determine areas that need light and group multiple candles side by side in those zones, so they collectively emit illumination.

Leaning on candlelight means giving less money to whatever electric companies with no deposit your house may be under contract with. However, caution must be exercised when lighting with open flames.

5. Up-Cycle Lights

You can realize modern kitchen lighting ideas by taking old fixtures and up-cycling them to make them new. As far as what kind of fixtures you’d use is concerned, the sky is the limit.

Get creative to see what sort of unique fixtures you can craft when lighting a kitchen via up-cycling


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