5 Maintenance Tips for Dump Trucks on Construction Sites

5 Maintenance Tips for Dump Trucks on Construction Sites

Regular and dedicated maintenance of dump trucks is crucial for the smooth functioning of the vehicle. Ignoring your truck’s maintenance may eventually cost you heavy bucks on repairs.

Unfortunately, the nature of operations not only exposes these trucks to excessive wear and tear, but also leads owners to put off cleaning and maintenance for very long periods. And we absolutely concur; these large vehicles are not easy to clean! Therefore it would be wise to go with used ones rather than buying new ones. You can buy these used dumpers for any construction site from Truck1.eu.

But there are ways around every challenge, and likely so for this one too! Here are some simple tips for maintaining your dumper truck in its best condition for years.

1.ย Keep the interiors in top shape

No matter how tough your truck looks on the outside, the interiors keep you warm and secure. Well maintained interiors can make you feel comfortable on the job.

Throw away trash like empty bottles and cans at the end of the day, so that the space is free of clutter on the next day of duty. Fine dust particles can settle on the inside of the truck and can adversely affect your respiratory health. Therefore, deep cleaning the interiors with a vacuum, at least monthly, should also be among the priorities in your truck maintenance schedule.

2. The engine matters

If your dump truck is a monster, its engine is a beast! Of course, you need to take special care of maintaining the engine.

Never drive recklessly. This is important not only for the truck’s engine and machinery, but also your personal safety.

Any repairs and issues regarding the engine’s function should be promptly dealt with. If you don’t have experience or knowledge of truck machinery, it’s better to let a professional handle the situation. An experienced mechanic or technician can fix the problems reliably.

3. Looks always matter

Just because your dumper truck handles heavy duty lifting and traverses rugged terrains, don’t deprive it of regular cleaning and washing. The exteriors of your truck need to be washed regularly to get rid of the dirt and gravel that accumulate all over it.

Pressure washing is the ideal way to effectively clean your monster truck’s exteriors, mirrors and lights. A clean truck not only looks appealing, it functions smoothly too. If you take pride in your truck, you’d never forgo regular washing.

4. Pay attention to track adjustment and cleaning

The rubber tracks on your dump truck are vital for dealing with unfavorable terrains while being heavily loaded. How well the track is maintained determines the efficiency and productivity of a dump truck. That’s why you should schedule regular cleaning and maintenance for the track.

Tracks covered with dirt and soil for long periods will wear off quickly and pose problems. You need to take special care of the track if you own dumper trucks. Conditions at a construction site can lead to severe wear and tear of tracks and affect their adjustment too.

5. Avoid overloading

Client pressure or urgency may push you towards overloading the dump truck. But for your vehicle’s best performance and maintenance, you should strictly refrain from this practice.

Overloading hampers the efficiency of the vehicle and may cause damage to its parts and accessories. If the weight is loaded unevenly, the driver may face difficulty maneuvering and driving the truck. The tires end up facing the maximum brunt of improper loading of dumper trucks. Always stay strictly within the load-bearing capacity of your truck. This is crucial from the point of view of road safety too.


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