5 Important Considerations to Make Before Building a Pool

5 Important Considerations to Make Before Building a Pool

Are you considering building a pool? A pool can provide you with a summer retreat right outside your home, and it can increase your home value. Before you take the plunge, however, you’ll want to do some planning.

Keep reading to learn 5 important considerations to keep in mind before building a pool!

1. Understand Who Will Use the Pool

Do you want a lap pool for weekday workouts? Or do you want a space to relax after a long day at work? Spend time considering what the primary purpose of your pool will be since that will inform your other choices.

If you have kids or older adults using the pool, you’ll want to keep the depth shallow, and if you think you’ll add more poolside features down the road, leave enough room around the pool for a hot tub or grilling station.

2. Choose the Right Materials When Building a Pool

Concrete tends to be one of the most durable materials to use in pool construction, and it can be customized to accommodate your space. Fiberglass is another popular option. While it’s also very resistant to the weather and algae, it also tends to be pricier.

Opt for a vinyl pool to save some money, or try an above ground pool if your budget is really tight. Ultimately, pool installation experts will be able to help you determine the best materials for your needs. 

3. Determine the Size and Shape

The size of a pool affects the cost of a pool, so be sure to know your budget. With the average cost of a new inground pool at around $35,000, it’s worth taking your time.

Rectangular pools are always a clean and modern choice, but you don’t have to stick with a geometric look. Try a kidney-shaped pool or radius pool for a more organic look in your backyard. 

4. Know Where Your Pool Will Fit

Placing your pool right below a beautiful deck gives you a nice place to relax after a swim. If your yard is bigger, you could place it closer to the edge of your property so you still retain a grassy area. Whatever your preference may be, it’s important to check the zoning regulations in your area first.

Your pool needs to steer clear of underground power cables and gas lines. Talk to your local zoning committees to plot a safe location. 

5. Select the Right Extras

Look into adding ambient lighting, fountains, and vegetation to make your pool a true sanctuary. Draw up some plans to see what features look best in your yard.

For a more eco-friendly pool, look into using different pool technology. You can cut down on operation costs and use smart technology to operate your pool’s lights and other features!

Complete Your Home with a Pool

When it comes to building a pool, the options are endless. That’s why it’s important to figure out what fits within your budget — and what will bring the most enjoyment to your home. Take the time to research the size and features, and then get started building your backyard resort.

To find the latest on building a luxurious life, check back for more informative articles!


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