5 Features To Consider Including In Your Kitchen Remodel

5 Features To Consider Including In Your Kitchen Remodel

Around 36% of Americans cook at home daily, which shows we should curate our dream kitchens to accommodate our needs. 

Remodeling the heart of the home can feel daunting but once you get over the fear, you’re left with a kitchen that is practical and stylish. But instead of spending hours poring over flooring options, homeowners should be wise with their remodel and choose features that will boost their home’s value. Perhaps you’re currently in this boat and you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five features to include in your kitchen remodel. 

1. Ample Lighting

Homeowners who want a modern kitchen remodel should install ample lighting. Aside from being practical, the right fixtures can add visual intrigue to your room. For instance, install pendant lights over the sink or recessed ceiling fixtures so it shines onto the countertops. 

2. Smart Kitchen Appliances 

One of the best kitchens remodels features are smart appliances.

Homeowners should treat themselves to a smart refrigerator as it takes stock of your groceries and lets you view contents without opening the door. Further, if you don’t have room for a dishwasher, then install a narrow dishwasher drawer in between the cabinets so it aligns with your home decor. Plus, steam ovens are booming in popularity as it’s healthier to cook with. 

3. Add a Kitchen Island 

No kitchen renovation is complete without an island as the focal point. This is a stylish way to add extra surface and seating area, especially if you love dining with the family. Further, including an island opens up the space, giving small kitchens the illusion of space. 

4. Practical Flooring

If you’re stumped on kitchen remodel tips, then install practical flooring. Your choice will depend on your budget, so if you’ve got a hefty one, then install ceramic or porcelain. Not only are these easy to clean, but tiles are stylish and can work with an array of styles. 

Or, for those with a smaller budget, install vinyl laminate as it’s moisture-wicking and easy to clean. 

5. Swinging Doors 

Out of all kitchen remodel ideas, this one is our favorite.

Swinging doors instantly add charm to the room, especially if you’re after a farmhouse aesthetic. A major bonus is you can choose from an array of styles and they’re simple to install. Plus, you can install a spring-loaded door if you want to stop small pets from being in the kitchen as you have dinner. 

Start Your Kitchen Remodel Today

Now you’ve got five features you can add to your kitchen remodel.

Elevate the room’s design by installing an island for your family to gather, smart appliances, and ample lighting so it’s an inviting space. You should also add swinging doors for the charm and practical flooring to prevent any moisture buildup. Good luck with your venture! 

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