5 Elements of Mediterranean Decor to Bring into Your Home

5 Elements of Mediterranean Decor to Bring into Your Home

Are you getting tired of your home’s decor? Want to switch things up?

Give the Mediterranean style a try!

Homes that incorporate Mediterranean elements are relaxing and mildly exotic while remaining comfortable. They’re open and bright, which feels welcoming and serene.

Here are five elements of Mediterranean decor you should consider using in your home!

1. Cultural Themes

“Mediterranean style” refers to the countries located around the Mediterranean Sea. These countries include Spain, Italy, Greece, and Morocco. The style is inspired by the sea and sky in addition to terracotta colors that complement one another without being overwhelming.

You can choose a country whose style you wish to emulate in your home or get creative and combine a few country’s styles, but the result will be the same: a beautiful Mediterranean home with obvious cultural inspiration!

2. Architecture and Texture

Exposed wood beams and stone archways make any space feel more open. The connection to the outside has a calming effect and brightens up the space, making your home feel more inspired by the sky.

Textured walls, heavy wooden doors, and warm colors can give your home a Mediterranean feel without breaking your budget. These Italy-inspired elements give an earthy and rustic feel necessary for any Mediterranean style home.

3. Patterns and Colors

Patterned area rugs, upholstery, and pillows can go a long way in helping you achieve the look you want. Choose a few bold colors and mismatched patterns to highlight the room in a Moroccan way.

Try adding a few accent pieces to your rooms that add warmth and an exotic feel. Tile mosaic designs can also help you achieve a Mediterranean style.

If you want authentic Mediterranean pieces to add to your home, consider visiting a few countries from the area! Mediterranean cruises are great for people who want to go on a different type of adventure and bring back some of the Mediterranean with them!

4. Bright, Open Spaces

If your gardens are inspired by the Italian countryside, large windows will let in light while allowing you to show off your landscape. For a truly Mediterranean feel, open the windows and let the air in!

Balconies and patios are great additions to make your home feel more open and make you feel more connected to nature.

5. Stone and Marble

Marble counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom add a nice Spanish feel to any home. Glass shower doors will make your bathroom more open while allowing you to show off your marble shower!

Choosing a terracotta-colored tile for your floor is a simple way to achieve a rustic and Mediterranean feel. Stone walls or accents are elegant, durable, and can be used inside and out.

Mediterranean Decor for a Rustic and Exotic Home

There’s no doubt that adding a few Mediterranean decor elements to your home can turn it from bland to worldly! Try experimenting with these themes around your home and watch it transform!

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