4 Tips For Choosing A Student Residence In Winnipeg, Manitoba

4 Tips For Choosing A Student Residence In Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg is the capital city of the Canadian province of Manitoba. That statement alone should make you understand how and why Canada is becoming a popular choice for international students. It is a beautiful country and, unlike staying in more urbanized cities like Toronto, Manitoba is the perfect hub for bachelor’s students. The schools are great, and the environment is a plus, too. 

It’s because of its popularity that student residences and accommodations like The Arc Winnipeg are plentiful. After sorting out your university applications, now comes the need to search for your accommodation. It isn’t one for you to rush so, you can navigate through the plenty of options and ultimately find the best for your needs. 

If you’re keen on moving to Winnipeg, Manitoba, for your education, here are four useful tips to help you choose the right student residence:

1. Look For One That Suits Your Budget

Making it first on this list is the top concern of any student: the budget. When there are so many accommodations you can choose from, you shouldn’t feel compelled to go for a student residence that’s too expensive for your budget.  

It is especially true if you have to do an after-school job to help with your university expenses. You can ease out the financial burden when you’re sticking to what you can afford. Otherwise, you’ll only be stressed out with how to meet the monthly rentals.  

When you study, your main focus should be to have peace of mind to sort your academic life successfully. You should minimize whatever extra stress factors you may come across – financial stress included.

2. Start Searching Early

Because Winnipeg, Manitoba is a popular student destination, you have to remember the very fact of how you’re not the only one looking for student accommodation. There are so many other students, too, at any given time. This fact forms the reason why it’s a good idea to start searching for student accommodations earlier. 

If you search at the last minute, you may be left only with those accommodations no one else wanted. You know the reasons: too expensive, unsafe, lack of necessary features, among others. Surely you wouldn’t want to have to settle for what’s left. 

The earlier you start searching, the higher the chances you’ll find one that ticks all your requirements on your checklist. Being comfortable in your student residence can make or break your student life, so choose wisely.

3. Ask About What’s Included In The Rent

You may be looking at good accommodation right now with a very low rental price. Then, you think you’ve hit the jackpot! That may not necessarily be true. To ensure the rent is, in fact, worth it, ask about what’s included in the rent. Otherwise, you may be shocked by all the add-on bills you have to pay on top of the rent. 

If the bills aren’t included in the rent, ask the landlord how much on average those utility bills usually are. It will give you an idea of the price point you’re looking at to afford to stay in your chosen accommodation.

4. Do Your Research

There’s no substitute for doing a lot of research. If you’re an overseas student, then this research has to be so thorough, given that you can’t go through physical showcases. If you live in Manitoba and travel to Winnipeg regularly to check your options physically, then do this, too. 

It may seem like a lot of work but, it’s worth it when the exchange is to have a comfortable student residence. It’s where you’ll be resting after a long day at the university and pouring out long hours of study and research. If it doesn’t make you feel comfortable, it might hurt the quality of your university life. 

When you research and visit your choices in physical, be on the lookout for all the features that are important to you. Be sure to have a list each time you visit or research a student accommodation. That way, you can make your comparison as to which option satisfies the most factors you’re looking for.


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With the tips above, now you might be one step closer towards materializing your goal of studying overseas, like in Canada. Winnipeg is one of the cities that consistently make it of the top-ranked places to study in the whole country, it can be a good choice. Don’t break that good streak of good decisions, also selecting the best student accommodation or residence for your needs and preference. Living while studying in Winnipeg away from home, you will want to contribute positively to a happy, successful, and comfortable university life.


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