4 Important Things to Know About Pest Control Before Investing in Real Estate

4 Important Things to Know About Pest Control Before Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate is one of the most popular financial investments currently. The leasing of houses is a stalwart of finance, as people always will need somewhere to live. However, it is important to bear in mind what things are your responsibility and what is your tenant’s. Here are four important things from GreenLeaf Pest Control Toronto about pest control before investing in real estate:

Make sure there are no animals in the attic before leasing your property.

It is common to have wild animals in your attic and if the house you are renting out has animals in the attic before the tenant moves in, they are legally your responsibility. This means that theoretically if your tenant discovers the presence of pests in the house as they are moving in, they can sue. Therefore, it is imperative to check thoroughly and take appropriate action where necessary. 

Yes, rodents are pests too!

When the word pest control pops into people’s minds, they tend to think of insects, bats, rats, and mice. Here is a lot of information on how to deal with rats specifically in a house. Unfortunately, smaller rodents like rats and mice are not the only rodents you have to deal with. Larger rodents such as squirrels cause just as much of a problem and can pose a significant threat to your property. Squirrels are impulsive chewers, due to the fact their teeth never stop growing. Wooden beams and wires are seen as perfect files for squirrel teeth, and the damage of wires can cause electrical fires, significantly devaluing your property. Therefore, all rodents must be removed swiftly and effectively, to be able to successfully maintain the value of your property.

Once the tenant has moved in, you are no longer responsible for pest control.

Whilst in the time leading up to your house being rented out the responsibility lies with you to remove all pests. If pests find their way into the property after the tenant has moved in, it is their responsibility to sort it out. This is enshrined in law, and the tenant will have signed up for this before renting the house, so there are no legal grounds for them to protest if there is an infestation during their tenure. It is helpful to have a list of pest control experts you can provide your tenants with. That’s why it is better for the tenants to go for a year-round pest control service.

There is a plethora of complicated bureaucracy! Sometimes it is better to leave pest control to the professionals.

Before leasing a property, it is your legal obligation to remove all pests or signs of pests from said property. However, animal protection laws ensure that killing is usually illegal, and some local laws even illegalize the trapping of pests. Therefore, for a landlord, it is difficult to abide by all federal laws and remove all pests whilst ensuring these pests are treated in the best way possible. Thankfully, many pest control companies offer complete packages to prospective landlords. This involves pest-proofing the house and removing any existing pests. These companies know the ins and outs of the laws, and the abundance of such companies nowadays means prices are very competitive. Therefore, it is not too expensive or difficult to ensure that every box is ticked, and you can rent out your property with ease and legality.


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