4 Different Types of Table Saws Used by Carpenters

4 Different Types of Table Saws Used by Carpenters

If you want to do the woodwork right at your home, you must have all the necessary equipment that you find with the carpenter. One of the powerful tools that are required to cut wood into accurate pieces is a table saw. The best thing about the table saw is that you can cut wood as well as plastic and aluminum sheets briskly. There are different types of cuts, which you can perform using this equipment, such as cross cuts, angled cuts, and rip cuts. This also will shape the edges and make them soft. Be it that you are making a bookcase or building your own garage with wood, having this tool would be beneficial. It is a must-have tool to make quality cuts. 

There are different types of table saws available. They include:

Bench table saw

This is designed to attach to the workbench or to a stand. It is compact and lightweight to carry anywhere. If you have work in the other location, you can carry this with you to perform the wood cutting tasks briskly. The average weight of this type of table saw would be around 45 to 60 pounds. These are cost-effective when compared to the larger ones. It is a perfect tool that is used to cut sheet material, especially plywood, plastic, aluminum sheets, and oriented strand board. Due to their smaller size, it is just limited to the size up to which you can cut the wood.

Contractor table saw

This is also known as jobsite table saw. There are various models of this type of saw that are available in the market. You do not have to burn holes in the pockets to buy this one. It comes with a rolling stand. These are perfect for people who are doing DIY wood projects. This is easier for anyone to use to cut the wood in the right shape. However, these are a bit heavier when compared to the bench table saw. It weighs around 90 to 150 pounds. These have the ability to cut sheets of around 24 inches. The quality and power of this table saw would vary from one model to another model.

Cabinet table saw

You can run this best budget table saw by connecting it to the electrical socket, and it must have a dedicated 220v electric circuit. It is highly powerful compared to the other two and is also pricey. The motor will be housed in the cabinet that is below the table. You can extend the table surface to support bigger sheets of the material that you are going to cut. This is widely used in carpenter workshops and trade schools. These are heavier in weight. The best thing is that it can cut through a variety type of different woods such as plywood, hardwood, and lumber. 

Hybrid table saw

The hybrid table saw is a combination of both the cabinet table saw, and the contractor table saw. This offers a lot of power like the contractor table saw, but does not require the dedicated 220v circuit. These are enclosed in the cabinet and look similar to that the cabinet table saw. However, the weight of this would range from 275 to 325 pounds. This must be moved with the hand truck as it is not equipped with the rollers. This is widely used by woodworkers and furniture makers. It does not produce much vibration while working and is highly reliable. 

You can use this for all types of woodworking tasks, irrespective of shape and size. If any of the construction work involves precise cutting, then this tool is preferred.

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