3 Reasons to Take Short-Term Rentals When Relocating

3 Reasons to Take Short-Term Rentals When Relocating

Relocating is a stressful business, especially if you’re moving to an altogether different city. There’s so much to get done – and some of it needs to happen in your new hometown while you are busy settling up your affairs in your old one. We take a look at why choosing a furnished short-term rental could take the pain out of house hunting and moving, helping you to get settled in your new city with at least half the attendant pressure.

1. You Need a Home Base for House Hunting

Finding the right home or apartment in your new city can be quite a lengthy process. Although there’s a small chance you’ll get lucky on a weekend house-hunting foray, chances are you need more time to find a home that suits your lifestyle, your budget, and your family’s needs. Rush it, and you run the risk of compromising on what you really want. That leaves you with two options: live with your decision for years to come or move yet again. 

A centrally located temporary base is what you need. For those moving to Toronto, furnished apartments in Mississauga will do very nicely. Having one at your disposal makes it easier to go for viewings when estate agents alert you to a possible match – and if you don’t find one before your moving date, you don’t need to panic. You have somewhere to live, and your belongings can go into storage for a few weeks if necessary. Even if you did find the right property, having some overlap with your short-term rental can be a huge relief, and that brings us to our next point. 

2. No Rush Getting Settled in Your New Home

There’s no denying that relocating is an exhausting business. You’ve barely packed everything up, and the next thing you need to do is pack it all out again. Invariably, the things you need most seem to end up hidden in a box that takes ages to find. Tempers fray, and despite your best efforts you end up living between piles of belongings you haven’t yet found the right place for, sometimes, for weeks on end. 

If you have a furnished apartment or house to stay in during the first weeks after your arrival, you can take your time getting your new home organized. With more time for thought and plenty of time to make the place pleasant to live in before you actually occupy it, you’ll do away with a significant source of stress and frustration. 

3. Extra Time for Necessary Maintenance and Alterations

As you move into a new home or apartment, you’re almost sure to find some little odds and ends that need fixing up or changing before you can get comfortable.  If you’re already trying to live there, you’ll be under pressure and will have less time to get quotes and compare options or get help from landlords. And then there’s the cringeworthy moment when the workmen arrive at a home in chaos. 

Once again, a rented apartment offers an island of calm to weather the storm. You’ve been able to rest in a comfortable environment, and the unpacking process is happening in an orderly way. The artisans you need for maintenance can come and do their work without having to sidle past piles of semi-unpacked stuff and without causing additional disruptions to your already-disrupted home life. 

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Relocating can be a crazy business, and the results of rushing things just so that you have somewhere reasonably comfortable to live as soon as possible aren’t always good. If you have time to manage your relocation and move-in calmly and reasonably, the results will be much better, and a furnished rental gives you the breathing space you need to do just that.


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