10 Ways To Add Your Own Touch To Your Home’s Décor Or Design

10 Ways To Add Your Own Touch To Your Home's Décor Or Design

You have so many wonderful options for adding personal touches to your home’s décor or design and making it feel even more homely and special.

Here are just ten ways to add your own touch:

1. Display Meaningful Items

You can easily add your own touch to your home and make it feel more personal by displaying meaningful items. While you are sure to want to have family photos on display, think about other meaningful items you could decorate your rooms with.

Perhaps you have a lump of salt that you picked up when you visited the salt plains of Bolivia, maybe you have a poster of a special concert you went to that you could frame, or maybe you own an artwork that was made by a talented close friend of yours.

Look through the meaningful items you own and determine the best ways of displaying them to find the right combination for your home’s design.

2. Display Feature Pieces

It could also be a good idea to have one item in your lounge, and other rooms, that acts as a central feature. For instance, you could hang a large bold artwork or family photograph above a fireplace, or you could display a suit of armor in the corner.

Think of items that reflect your personal touch to select the right feature pieces for your home. They are sure to become talking points when visitors enter your home.

3. Place Plants in Prime Positions Around Your Home

Bringing nature into your home is an effortless way to make the place feel fresh, relaxing, and homely. Whether you opt for lilies, spider plants, bonsai trees, or Venus fly traps, you will soon elevate the aesthetic quality of your home by adding houseplants.

You can find many plants that are low maintenance, but if you are worried that you will forget to water and look after plants, you could always opt for artificial plants that look realistic instead.

4. Select the Right Light Fixtures

Many people change the colors of their rooms, add new items, and use things like soft furnishings to transform their homes. But many of them overlook just how much of a difference the lighting can make to the feel and comfort of rooms.

So, make sure you consider the lighting just as much as you consider things like what color to paint the lounge. By choosing things like dimmer switches, wall lamps, and floor lamps, you can instantly make your home feel cozier and homelier. 

5. Add Plenty of Accessories

Accessories may be small items, but they can make a huge difference to the look and feel of any room. Furthermore, you have the option of adding accessories that are highly stylish or a lot of fun.

For instance, cushions and throws can transform the final look of a room, so you could either choose traditional plain or patterned cushions that suit the color scheme and design of the room, or you could opt for something funkier and more playful, like cushions that feature Hello Kitty or Superman.

Carefully consider the accessories you add to any room. That includes things like clocks, coasters, books, ornaments, and more.

6. Create Your Own Designs Using a Laser Cutting Machine

If you enjoy spending time in your workshop or garage using tools to make things, consider using a laser-cutting machine to create bespoke items for your home. Laser cutters use a focused laser beam to cut or engrave materials like wood, metal, glass, and plastic into specific designs, shapes, or patterns.

So, you could make small items like monogrammed coasters or large items like dividing screens with intricate patterns. You could even create your own artwork to hang on the wall.

Furthermore, by purchasing used laser cutters, like the selection of laser cutting machines at revelationmachinery.com, you can create personalized home décor for an affordable cost.

7. Paint Designs onto Tiles

You can create beautiful and unique tile designs for your kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms, by using tile paint to paint customized designs directly onto tiles, or instead use cheap photo tiles that stick. If you have an artistic flair, this will be a fun and rewarding activity that results in one-of-a-kind tiles that are sure to get people’s attention.

In fact, if you have artistic skills, you might like to consider painting pictures or patterns onto walls and using your abilities in other ways to make your home incredibly personal and unique.

8. Add Fun Items to Your Rooms

Your home can be fun as well as beautiful. So, consider adding fun items to appropriate rooms. You could hang a neon bathroom sign outside the bathroom, place a brightly colored plastic flamingo in your hallway, or fix a dartboard or basketball hoop to a wall in your den-like basement.

It does not matter if none of those ideas appeal to you. The key is to identify fun things that you yourself would like to have in your home to give it the personal touch.

9. Put Inspirational Quotes in Plain View

Looking at quotes that are meaningful to you and inspire you every day will help you to feel inspired, positive, and motivated. So, consider placing decals of quotes or framed quotes on your walls.

You will not want to go overboard, but by selecting the right words and the right places to display them, you can make your home much more personal and inspiring. You could choose a quote from the Bible, your favorite band, a famous philosopher, or even Kermit the Frog.

Alternatively, you could add simple words to your walls, like “Peace,” “Happiness,” and “Love.”

10. Bring it All Together

When considering which of the above suggestions to choose for your home décor, make sure that you also consider the overall design of your home and each room. You could go with themed rooms, but even if you do not, you should make sure that each element of each room works well together.

That means ensuring that the color scheme works, not mixing and matching too many different styles, such as having an antique chair next to a cut-out of Buzz Lightyear, and ensuring there is a natural flow to each room.


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