Home Moving Strategies – 5 Tips To Make Your Moving Experience Easier And Simpler

Home Moving Strategies - 5 Tips To Make Your Moving Experience Easier And Simpler

You’ve sold your home and now comes the task of preparing for the next steps. You’ve decided on the do it yourself process of packing before getting on with the moving. So it’s time to get organized and focus on juggling all the upcoming tasks to prepare for moving into your new home or apartment. Getting ready for your move with a pro-organizer mindset right from the start will make the whole endeavor a lot easier and simpler to manage. Hiring a professional moving service company can work with you to develop the right strategy for room-by-room packing and even provide you with an estimation of the moving supplies that you need. So, get ready, get set and get organized. Congratulations, it’s time to move.

Here are 5 moving tips to help you to make your moving experience easier and simpler.

1. Use a moving binder 

One of the most effective strategies to stay organized is using a moving binder to keep track of everything. This is a great way to record all the different aspects of your move in a single location, it can even be used to store all your moving receipts, contracts and related files. 

2. Print custom to-do lists

Before you even think of packing and relocating, you should develop a moving list. You’ll be able to manage various moving segments by creating to-do lists. Keep yourself on track by following your scheduled tasks to make sure that your move happen in a timely and organized manner. 

3. Color code your moving boxe

Were you thinking of putting color-coded labels on the moving boxes as per their corresponding room? Well, if not, you should. Color coding your labels can make your entire moving process more efficient and less stressful. It will obviously allow you to know which rooms the boxes should go to in your new home, but it can also help to easily identify your belongings while you’re in the process of packing and moving in if you suddenly need to find a certain item. Amazon and a few other retailers are a good source to find these labels. Alternatively, you can also use several different colors of tape to identify the boxes.

4. Make a packing strategy in advance

Organize everything before packing it into boxes. Don’t just scatter things everywhere and box it up. Its best to determine which of your closets and rooms you want to tackle first based on the key principal of, I don’t need that right now, so its ok to pack it up. Your attic, storage closet, basement, guestrooms, and the library fall into this category. Your bedroom and kitchen are what you would normally leave to the end of the packing process. Consider a room-by-room packing strategy that starts with light to heavy items prioritized by how the boxes will be stored and when they will be needed at your new home. First in is usually last out, so it’s best to keep that in mind.

5. Create a list of all box contents

Make notes about the contents of each box as you do your packing – not after. The more detailed, the better, because otherwise, you may find yourself in that frustrating situation where you are looking for an important item and it feels like trying to find a needle in a haystack when you are finally in your new home. A good strategy is to also number each box so that they are easy to locate afterwards.

We hope that these 5 tips have given you some helpful advice to consider. As you can now see, making your upcoming move less stressful can be as simple as numbering your boxes. Organization and preparation is the key. Good luck and happy moving day!


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