Sjögrens Väg Villa Residence – Hollviken, Sweden 🇸🇪

Sjögrens Väg Villa Residence - Hollviken, Sweden
  • Name: Bergman Villa
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 5
  • Lot: 25,144 sq. ft.
  • Built: 2021

Bringing an air of the Hollywood Hills to the Swedish Coast, the Bergman Villa is a unique example of contemporary luxury living on the “Swedish Riviera.” Located on the southwestern tip of Sweden, the Falsterbo Peninsula boasts stunning beaches and luxurious villas. Linda and Mikael Bergman, both entrepreneurs and interior designers, sought to create a private residence on this coveted land with a singular goal in mind: to construct a high-quality, energy-efficient home equipped with the latest Smart Home technology. The result is a residence that is a modern fusion of materials and clear, contemporary design situated just 100 meters from the renowned Ljunghusen beach.

The house features a thoughtful and tasteful use of walnut, brass, marble, and polished concrete, with seamless transitions between rooms that eliminate thresholds and unnecessary frames. The residence, which also consists of two guest houses, is a haven of luxurious amenities and features. From the three-car garage, bespoke swimming pool, and cinema room to the restaurant kitchen, wine, and champagne bar, and iconic Italian Flos and Danish Louis Poulsen lighting, no detail has been overlooked. The Villa’s standout five master bathrooms feature Brushed Black Chrome fixtures and Starck Organic faucets that not only promote resource conservation but exude luxury. The bathrooms’ black marble walls and walnut accents harmonize elegantly with the faucets, creating a sophisticated aesthetic. The free-standing bathtub’s slender and sculpted form further enhances the bathroom’s luxurious atmosphere.

Despite its Hollywood Hills-inspired air, the home is ideally situated in a region renowned for its picturesque landscape and breathtaking Baltic Sea beaches. The villa’s amenities and attention to detail make it a luxurious haven on the Swedish Coast. The location is also home to one of Sweden’s best golf clubs and hosts the country’s International Horse Jumping Grand Prix. It’s also in close proximity to Malmö and Copenhagen. With its stunning setting, luxurious amenities, and central location, the Bergman Villa on the Falsterbo Peninsula offers a unique and unparalleled lifestyle. Whether it is a peaceful day at the beach, an afternoon on the golf course, or an evening spent enjoying the villa’s high-end features, this residence is the epitome of luxurious living.

  • Architect: Realestelligence
  • Designer: Lisa Bergman
  • Photography: Rolf Nordquist
  • Location: Sjögrens väg 1, 236 42 Höllviken, Sweden


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