Discover the Luxury Lifestyle of West Coast Contemporary Living at The Terraces in Anmore, BC

Discover the Luxury Lifestyle of West Coast Contemporary Living at The Terraces in Anmore, BC

Come home to the luxury of west coast contemporary living at The Terraces in Anmore, British Columbia.  A masterfully crafted custom home that is the definition of west coast luxury living.  This is true luxury and extraordinary design in custom home building.

Discover something beautiful in an impressive natural setting that beckons you with exhilarating elegance and fashion. With nature at your door, come in to explore something truly remarkable. The spectacular beauty of this luxury home inspired by the vision of surrounding nature in Anmore awaits you.

The inspiring interior design elements of The Terraces balance natural elegance with contemporary style. The vision unfolds before you in a stunning combination of luxury living and leisure. A timeless inspired gourmet kitchen will captivate you with its harmonious proportions.

A combination of innovative functionality and creative layout accentuates overall balance. The sleek superb kitchen offers every luxury feature and convenience. A seamless transition brings you to the sheer elegance of the dining room. The opulent area exudes a sophisticated feel.

The ever-present natural surroundings are always within view. Everywhere you look, you will find a satisfying vision that adorns the home. An architectural art-niche fireplace feature is the focal point of the impressive living room. The delightful setting forges an intimate appeal.

The harmony of nature is evident as a connection with the innovative design that becomes the defining character of the home. An exhilaration of elegance permeates throughout the home as an expression of luxury.

Clean lines and modern styling make the fireplace a focal point and a showpiece. Contemporary decor blends with the expression of timeless beauty in the natural elements. To make a home magnificent, you must blend function with style and flare. An inevitable oasis, the master ensuite reflects a captivating arrangement of a desire for style and luxury.

The coveted space of the master bedroom offers a seductive blend of peace and natural harmony. The extravagant lower level is the perfect place to experience entertainment and fun in fashion. The modern and creative decor allows for a daring display of lively exuberance. Even this perfect entertainment space connects with the inspiring natural setting.

The delightful atmosphere creates a sense of vivacious splendor with a relaxing mood. A captivating arrangement of hardwood anchors the main level with a character of rich charm. The Terraces delivers on the dream of a luxury lifestyle.

The Terraces is an exhilaration of elegance that permeates luxury, which delivers exquisite beauty. The Terraces makes dreams become a luxurious reality in Anmore, British Columbia, Canada.



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