Top Three Reasons to Live in Barcelona – New Serviced Luxury Apartments by CBRE in Spain

Top Three Reasons to Live in Barcelona - New Serviced Luxury Apartments by CBRE in Spain

Barcelona may be famous for its famed soccer club, but soccer is just one thing on the list of so many things the city excels at and offers.  Here below are the top-3 reasons why Barcelona is such an amazing place to live.

1. Well Located

Its Mediterranean location gives Barcelona a mild climate throughout the winter, with a refreshing sea breeze in the hot summer months. For those who love the mountains, it is a two-hour drive from the ski resorts of Andorra. It is also connected by plane to all the main cities of the world. 

2. Great Food

You will fall in love with this city very soon especially if you’re a connoisseur of great food. There are excellent restaurants all over the city and most people take almost 2 hours to have lunch or dinner. The city boasts the freshest of seafood in the world and pastry shops are plentiful. 

3. Culture

Barcelona boasts an immense cultural heritage. The city’s past is very closely linked to a body of culture and art that has become a source of inspiration for the generations of today. The citizens of Barcelona know how to enjoy culture in all its facets, and they are great promoters of culture; as a Mediterranean city, Barcelona offers a wide range of recreational options and these embrace all the disciplines related to the world of culture.

Unique Location in the Center of Barcelona - AM Residences by CBRE in Spain

CBRE is building AM Residences, 19 new luxury apartments in the historic center of Barcelona (Spain). AM Residences apartments are located at number 41 on the well-known Ausiàs March Street, in the área of Barcelona’s Eixample district, which makes of them a premium-quality property asset. Built in 1895, Ausiàs Marc 41 is located in the prestigious ‘Quadrat d’Or’, an area known for its rich architectural and artistic heritage. The building is the starting point for a trail to discover the foundational fragments of the history of a city that made a name for itself during the Industrial Revolution and Modernity period in the 19th century.

AM Residences by CBRE – Barcelona

AM Residences offers a unique service – Luxury Serviced Apartments

This concept is created for people who look for a lifestyle in which home and luxury services are always connected.

In this way, the premium services that AM Residences offers are at the forefront of comfort and excellence, and therefore can be afforded just by a few people who are seeking added value for their investments. People who are looking for a modern environment and an iconographic ‘house- space’ where concept, history, location and architecture merge to create the perfect place in which to spend their days. 

These premium services include:

  • Concierge: 24 hours multilingual doorman at your service.
  • Surveillance: 24 hours security cameras for dreaming and living big.
  • App: to manage both the services of the building and the home automation of your house, as well as everything you might need, such as restaurant reservations, car rental, flowers, and even fill the fridge.
  • Spa: just relax in the Jacuzzi and feel the moment.
  • Gym: a fitness moment for your body and soul.
  • Massage Cabins: we will take care of you.
  • Chauffeur: take your time and relax, we will drive for you.
  • Virtual butler: your on-demand personal concierge service, your virtual assistant. Send a SMS of what you require and receive a confirmation in minutes.
  • Ground Floor Restaurant: a healthy offer to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Bicycles service: bicycles will be available to go for a ride and enjoy the city your way.
  • Communal areas cleaning: absolute brightness.
  • Communal areas maintenance: don’t worry, everything will be like the first day.


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