High Luxury Apartment Interior Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱 – Studio Piet Boon

High Luxury Apartment Interior Amsterdam, Netherlands - Studio Piet Boon
  • Type: Interior Design
  • Style: Modern Dutch
  • Status: Realized

This high luxury apartment is situated in a grand and unique location in an impressive building, overlooking the bustling wharf on one side and the old city of Amsterdam on the other. Each room offers a spectacular view over the different parts of the capital. Upon entering the apartment, you immediately notice the spacious gallery hall where a clear separation is made between the active living areas and the master bedroom quarters.

Together with the client, Studio Piet Boon created a logical and functional plan throughout the apartment to create the ultimate logic for living, underscoring the spaciousness of this 250m2 apartment. The doors to connecting active rooms are made of glass to allow for optimal light fall, creating an open and harmonious living experience. The severity of the design is offset by surprising details, thoughtfully narrated by our styling team, where various art objects supply numerous spaces with playful elements.

The bedroom has been given a timeless residential-suite atmosphere with all the high luxury ingredients. In between the bedroom suite and the hallway, we have designed a large and functional His and Hers walk-in closet. The other passageway gives access to the large bathroom, cladded completely in natural stone, which includes a double shower and an astonishing view over Amsterdam. The adjoining balcony is an enchanting space to watch the sunset and offers the reflection of the tranquility that is found in this well-balanced apartment, even in a metropolitan city.

  • Designer: Studio Piet Boon
  • Name: Residential Apartment Amsterdam
  • Photography: Richard Powers
  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands


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