Your Guide to Living in Napa Valley, California

Your Guide to Living in Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley is bursting with exciting activities. If you cannot wait to visit the Valley, then it is advised that you apply for a USA ESTA visa at the earliest.

In case you are hearing about the ESTA visa for the first time, it is an authorized travel permit issued for visitors who intend to stay in the states for less than 90 days. Whether you are transporting to the U.S. by Sea or Air, an ESTA is required for non-residents.

The ESTA visa is issued only to travellers from nations added on the Visa Waiver Program. If you do not have a valid ESTA visa, you might be denied entry at the border and might even get fined.

Fun Things to do in the Valley

The Napa Valley is rife with exciting things waiting to be experienced. It attracts connoisseurs of wine, enthusiasts of art and culture, and also the sportingly spirited tourists.

Aside from wine tours, there are a bunch of enthralling activities that can be experienced here.

We will start with hot air balloon rides, the most exciting activity. A hot air balloon ride in the early hours of the dawn is a memorable experience. You get a whole different view of the vineries from the top. The balloon slowly drifts over the wineries and provides unforgettable views.

The next on our must-try list is the Castiloga mud baths. All you have to do is step into a tub full of mud for an experience that is sure to transform your life.

When it comes to food, Napa Valley boasts of world-class restaurants. Among them, the French Laundry is so famous that it is difficult to get a reservation. The restaurant is headed by the super chef Thomas Kellee. You have to plan and book months before if this fancy restaurant is on your bucket list.

Stomping Grapes is another fun activity in Napa. At Sterling, you can smash and stomp on a barrel full of grapes.

Ultimate wine tours

If you are visiting Napa Valley, then wine tours are a must.

Castillo di Amorosa is an excellent start to the winery tours in Napa. It features a 13th-century castle and Italian wines.

Similarly, Domaine Carneros offers a French collection of sparkling and still wines. The winery is located in a French chateau enclosed by gorgeous gardens.

Sequoia Grove is an old barn encased by Sequoia trees. The winery takes you on a journey right from its formation to its sustainability.

You can visit Pine Ridge Vineyards, Cliff Lede Vineyards, V. Sattui, among other popular wineries.

How long does a wine tour take?

A wine tour typically lasts for half an hour to 45 minutes. You can tour three or four wineries each day to enjoy each one thoroughly.

Romantic things to do in Napa

Just like we said, Napa is bustling with action all year round. There is so much to do, and the Valley does not lag on romantic moments too.

If you visit Napa around October and November during fall, you will see that trees are hued light green, yellow, and orange. The shed leaves fall gracefully on the boulevards and spot the trail with charm. You can enjoy a relaxing walk with your partner and even click some photos.

Bike rides through the lush green valleys are too good to be missed. You can later ride to the downtown and explore the eateries and shops there.

Nothing can be better than a romantic dinner at one of the fancy restaurants in the Valley. Some of the fanciest restaurants include Ad Hoc, Redd, Goose and Gander, and Solbar.

Napa picnic spots

The hustling, bustling Napa Valley awaits you with promises of unforgettable adventures and evenings. The Valley has a ton of gorgeous spots for a picnic. Among them, Old Faithful Geyser, Yountville Park, Fuller Park, St. Helena Crane Park are famous.

Before planning a trip to the United States, make sure you have your ESTA visa. It is compulsory for non-residents to acquire an ESTA visa for tours. If you have already applied for ESTA, then you can check the status of your application online.

Residents of the States do not require the ESTA visa as they can get through with a valid passport. Apply for ESTA on the website and also check the criteria and eligibility. The website also provides guidelines for filling out an ESTA form. Apply for an ESTA as soon as possible. It is necessary to get your ESTA approved 3 days prior to your visit. An ESTA’s validity is two years and facilitates multiple entries.


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