You Probably Didn’t Know This About Roof Replacement

You Probably Didn’t Know This About Roof Replacement

Few people are interested in roofing unless they happen to be planning to do a major renovation of their home. This is perfectly normal, and it is hard to expect otherwise, but the lack of knowledge about the construction industry increases the risk of unwise decisions. We hope this article will help at least one person from the costly consequences of ignorance.

Fact 1: Roof Replacement Is Not Always Necessary

Although sometimes, a roof looks very damaged, it doesn’t have to be replaced at all, especially if it consists of natural or synthetic cedar shakes or slate tiles. Many materials allow you to replace only a portion of the roof slope, drastically reducing costs. A well-executed roof replacement will often allow you to postpone the costly replacement of all the shakes for up to several years. We probably don’t need to explain that your household budget will definitely benefit.

Fact 2: Roof Replacement Might Be Beneficial For Your Health

According to roof replacement glenview contractor, if you locate mold or mildew in your attic, roof replacement is absolutely essential. This is because fungi not only smell and look bad, but also produce dangerous toxins that can cause cancer, allergies and respiratory inflammation. Do not ignore any leaks or leaks in the roof – this is a general rule of thumb to follow.

Fact 3: You Don’t Have To Spend a Lot To Replace Your Roof

With roofs, it’s exactly the same as with cars – you can easily find one that will cost you $30,000 as well as one for $300,000. The price of a replacement service is very much dependent on the standard of finish, the materials used, the area of the house, the architectural design of the building, the reputation of your roofing contractor, and the neighborhood in which you live.

Natural slate roofs are very expensive because the material used to install them is not found all over the world, so they have to be transported over distances often exceeding thousands of kilometers. Also, the processing itself is complicated since the incompetent splitting and cutting of slate pieces can cause irreparable damage to them, making it impossible to use them to replace your roof.

However, if you choose to use asphalt shingles from a reputable company such as GAF, Owens Corning, or Atlas, the cost of the material will drop up to tenfold. Also, the installation of the roof will be much simpler, since the shingles are sold in the form of rolled mats that are nailed to the sheathing. Such a system of installation is extremely simple and intuitive, so the labor costs for roofers are simply less.

Of course, replacing the roof on a 10000 sqft house will cost incomparably more than on a small cottage. However, for standard buildings, the costs won’t be absurd if you use standard materials.

Fact 4: Take Care Of Your Roof’s Warranty Documents

Many manufacturers of rooftop materials use their warranty policies as part of their advertising campaigns. This is perfectly normal; after all, no one wants to pay to repair any damage caused through no fault of their own. However, the warranty is remembered for the first few years and we often do not realize that it is valid even if the house has changed hands.

Companies such as DaVinci Roofscapes provide transferable warranties, even lifetime warranties. Paying attention to this aspect can make the cost of repairing or replacing your roof fall on its manufacturer!


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