Xalima Island Water Pavilion – A Vision of Tropical Luxury Beyond Reality

Xalima Island Water Pavilion - A Vision of Tropical Luxury Beyond Reality

In today’s times, the distinction between the real and virtual world is quickly becoming blurred. Modern visualization technology is rapidly bringing imagination to life in such a vivid way that architects and designers are, more than ever; free to expand the boundaries of perceived reality. 

Today conceiving an architectural structure or conceptualizing a natural environment is not restricted by the ability to communicate that vision. New imaging technologies have allowed the creation of such immersive virtual visualization experiences with computer renders that are so sophisticated that they bring a whole new level of spectacular beauty to life.

Often the results of these visualizations are even more enticing and appealing than our own natural environments. That is exactly the circumstance we find ourselves in when viewing the Xalima Island Water Pavilion. Spanish Architect Martin Ferrero created this arresting visualization, of a vision of tropical luxury beyond reality, that he describes as architecture dedicated to the senses.

The building sits atop a rocky cliff on an imaginary island and was designed as “a poem to the horizon framed by the sea”, Ferrero said.

These inspiring images are more than a vision of spectacular beauty, they take us to a place where life is imitated by dreams that we envision to be reality.


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