Windows Selection Guide For Beginners – Types And Characteristics

Windows Selection Guide For Beginners - Types And Characteristics

Choosing a new window for your home can be a daunting task. Proper replacement can improve lighting, increase its attractiveness, and help reduce energy costs by reflecting heat and harmful UV rays. In addition, different windows provide different functions, the possibilities of which seem endless. With so many styles available on the market, each of them has individual energy efficiency qualities. Here’s a rundown of the most popular window types you can select for complex home renovation.

Window Types and Their Functionality

Before you start deciding what variety of windows you wish to install in the apartment, consider the style, location, and money available. Every option discussed below brings unique features to a space, so they are better suited to different rooms. For instance, it’s ridiculous to install a bay window in your bathroom – you just need to make sure you choose the right option. For instance, awning windows in Ottawa will be a good option for multistory buildings, the replacement or installation of which should be entrusted to professionals. Now let’s review some popular options:

  1. Single-sash windows are one of the simplest designs on the market. They are best suited for kitchens and similar spaces. The bottom sash should be manoeuvrable and easily open up and down. The top sash of a window should not open and remains stationary.
  2. Double-sash windows are similar in function and versatility to the above option. However, they have more complex mechanisms and are more expensive in general. Both sashes (lower and upper) can move up and down accordingly. A double-sash window is suitable for kitchens and other common spaces to give the space airiness and brightness.
  3. Bay windows are stylish and romantic, but a bit more complex than single and double-sash windows. They create a small shelf in your room where you can place picture frames, plants, and other small items; sometimes you can even install a bay window seat. Most bay window designs have a flat glass in the middle, accompanied by two side windows set at a 30-40-degree angle. Bay windows are great for bedrooms and common areas like living rooms. However, their installation is much more expensive.
  4. Casement windows are another common window design, often found in living rooms and kitchens. The window sashes open by tilting to the side or rising up. Since they are non-slip, professionals can make frames from solid glass. They provide a bright, unobstructed view of the city.
  5. Sliding windows vary in size, but the opening mechanisms are the same. Typically, manufacturers make sliding windows from two separate units. They usually have a horizontal configuration. They are typically installed in neutral spaces such as teen bedrooms, offices, and family rooms.

Not sure which option is best for your home? Do you want a specific design? You can always opt for custom window designs to maintain complete control over the style of your home.


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