Window Replacement – One of the Most Essential Renovations For Canadian Homeowners

Window Replacement - One of the Most Essential Renovations For Canadian Homeowners

Living in Canada, one of the essential renovations you can make to your home that will not only benefit your property value, but also make your monthly bills easier on your wallet is windows replacement.

To many just the thought of a window replacement project can be a daunting task, but, if you keep some general guidelines in mind, you’ll be able to find yourself enjoying the new warmth and value of your replacement windows before the first snow flies.

One of the first things you will need to look at is what type of windows you are wanting to replace your old windows with. There are many different window materials on the market, each with its own pro’s and con’s.

Vinyl windows for example require less maintenance and upkeep than traditional wooden windows. They also are more energy efficient than other types of windows, which will help keep your home that much warmer during the cold winter months.

If environmental impact plays a part in your decisions, you can rest easy knowing that vinyl windows are recyclable! Affordability is another big plus to vinyl windows. Not only can you update your windows adding value and warmth to your home, you can also keep more cash in your pocket.

Wood is a material that has been used for many years in window design but carries some obvious drawbacks, such that it requires much more regular maintenance to prevent rot and other issues from quickly destroying the trim around your new windows.

Canadian winters can be harsh and cause issues with wooden windows like cracking, swelling, and splitting if they are not properly maintained. It can also be much more expensive to purchase right from the start. That said, for the environmentally conscious consumer, it may be the better choice as the production and creation side of wooden windows does carry with it less environmental impact and a lower carbon footprint that vinyl windows do.

There are of course other materials you can investigate such as aluminum, and fiberglass, both of which carry drawbacks and pro’s as well.

Material isn’t the only consideration though. You also need to keep in mind your budget. As mentioned, when talking about materials, you need to address what your comfortable budget is for your project. Windows can be a hefty investment into the future of your home but one that pays off as well. It is not just winters that your choice of windows will be affected by. Summer heat can also play a big role. Replacement windows will keep your air conditioning in, and the heat of the day out. 

The contractor you choose to do your home project will also be another consideration. Is the windows company you are looking into doing the work the best one for you, have your read their reviews and done your background research? Not all companies are the same and what you’ll get from someone who specializes in windows, versus a general contractor may be far from the same.

The list of considerations goes on. How energy efficient do you need your windows to be, what style best suits your home, how do you want to be able to open and close them, are you seeking to put in a picture window or do you want ones that can be opened to allow for air circulation in your home.

Though it may seem like a daunting task, keeping these things in mind will help you make the right choice for yourself and your home window project.


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