Why Wilmington, North Carolina is a Top Destination to Buy a Beach Home

Why WilmingWhy Wilmington, North Carolina is a Top Destination to Buy a Beach Hometon, North Carolina is a Top Destination to Buy a Beach Home

Wilmington, North Carolina, is a friendly port city on the East Coast of the USA which is home to beautiful family-friendly beaches such as Wrightsville with its long boardwalk. Wilmington as a destination is well known by surfers and beachgoers for its undeniably distinctive strong surf. Visiting Wilmington, you will also come across an array of restaurants, bars, and shops that you can have a good look around. The seafood in some ofย Wilmingtonโ€™s restaurants is delicious and fresh straight from the Atlantic Ocean.ย 

With Wilmington being such a sought-after beach destination on the East Coast, there are plenty of people every year who try and buy beachside houses for sale in Wilmington. 

Here is a guide to why Wilmington, NC, is a great choice when you are considering a location to buy yourself a beachside home on the East Coast. 

The Cost of House Prices: Just How Affordable is it To Buy a Beachside Home in Wilmington, NC?

To give yourself a good idea of roughly how much houses in Wilmington cost on average, you can go online and browse through real estate sites to see the median price of Wilmington, NC homes for sale. Companies such as EZ Home Search have a range of properties for you to view, at all price points, so you can find the right one that suits your needs. 

So, can you afford to buy a beach house in Wilmington, NC with the Atlantic Ocean on your doorstep? The current median price of homes sold in Wilmington is $316,200, which you will be pleased to know is considerably under the national median price of a family home in the US of $374,900. Not only is Wilmington a fun-packed beachside spot with plenty of things for people of all ages to enjoy, buying yourself a house in Wilmington can work out to be a pretty affordable investment opportunity.

Why Buying a Home That You Feel Comfortable Living in is Now More Important Than Ever Before

During the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns which took place during extended periods of time between 2020 and 2021, people came to realize just how vital having a home living space you enjoy spending time in truly is.ย 

Many had to spend hours working from home every day interacting with colleagues through video calls and meetings using things such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, thus bringing home just how pleasant and reassuring it really is to be able to have a home that you feel happy spending your time in. 

Wilmington, NC Has an Illustrious History That is Rooted in Trade and the Transportation of Goodsย 

Owing to its handy proximity to the Cape Fear River, for many centuries manufactured goods have been transported down the river and thus allowed Wilmington to prosper and thrive as a port city. The Cape Fear River was first explored by colonial powers way back in 1524, when Italian explorer Giovanni Da Verrazzano was sent by King Francis I of France on various missions to explore the East Coast of North America with the goal of finding a route to the Pacific. Wilmington for years has been a focal point locally and a hub for the region of trade, politics, and culture.

Wilmington, NC gets its name from Spencer Compton, the 1st Earl of Wilmington, an established British statesman who served as the prime minister of Great Britain from 1742 until his death in 1743.ย 

The region was also home to significant battles during the American War of Independence. The Battle of Creekโ€™s Bridge in 1776 was one such important battle THAT took place just twenty miles north of Wilmington, which resulted in a victory over the British for the fighters for US independence.ย Burgwin-Wright House and Gardensย is a beautiful colonial-style-inspired building on Market Street with idyllic gardens that is definitely worth you paying a visit to. The building is open to the public all year round and visitors can also check out its museum and use a cell phone code to download the self-guided tour.ย ย 

Therefore, Wilmington, NC is not only a top destination for beach lovers and surfers alone, history buffs and culture enthusiasts can also find themselves feeling at home with there being such an array of interesting sites for them to choose from.ย 

Many People are Moving House Now, and The US Housing Market is Very Active

Since the first lockdown in March 2020, there has been aย frantic rush in the US housing market and all of a sudden everyone is moving house!ย During the lockdowns, Americans have had plenty of time spent at home with many working at home remotely all day full-time. And due to spending so much time in their homes recently, many Americans have come to truly realize how much they value having a nice, pleasant home living space to relax, work, and sleep in. The pandemic has therefore been a real catalyst for the US real estate market with plenty of Americans relocating in the search of finding a new home in a safe and friendly welcoming neighbourhood.

Wilmington is a Top Spot to Spend Your Summer Vacations

Wilmington being home to stunning sandy beaches means that many homebuyers would love to buy a house with beach views there.ย ย 

Wilmington, and its neighbouring town Brunswick, are both sought-after locations for buying beachside properties. And what better way to take in the gorgeous Wrightsville Beach than during the warm sunny summer months? Local water parks are also great places during the summer months to visit with the family, and a fantastic way to keep the kids nice and Busy. Just to the south of Wilmington at 1 Cape Fear Blvd lies Carolina Beach Boardwalk Amusement Park which has rides, games, live music, and tasty street food on sale. Take the kids along for some summertime fun.

Buying a beachside home in Wilmington may be able to provide you with many priceless treasured summertime sun-filled memories, and turn out to be a worthwhile investment that you do not live to regret in the slightest.

Getting Around: What is Public Transport like in Wilmington, NC?

The main way to get yourself around in Wilmington easily through using public transport is by taking a Wave Transit bus, with its bus lines and routes going all around Wilmington and taking you to many different locations.

Alternatively, you may decide to take a taxi. In which case, the best idea is to take an Uber, or use a local reputable taxi firm in Wilmington. 

Where is the Nearest International Airport to Wilmington, NC?

Looking to buy a beach home in Wilmington and wondering the nearest airport you can travel to in order to fly in and out of Wilmington, NC when necessary?

Wilmington has its very own Wilmington International Airport that flies to and from domestic destinations in the USA. Major destination cities that the airport offers flights to include New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and many more.

If you want to find the nearest major airport to Wilmington with flights that travel all over the globe, your best bet is going to Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT) in Charlotte, North Carolina. The airport in Charlotte has plenty of dedicated helpful members of staff and welcomes tens of millions of passengers through its doors every year. The airport has all types of flights, from low-cost budget flights that save passengers money, to premium luxurious international planes. Charlotte-Douglas Airport helps to support the regionโ€™s economy and the movement of people to and from North and South Carolina and the East Coast of the US.


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