Why Brooklyn Heights is Becoming One of NYC’s Best Neighborhoods

Why Brooklyn Heights is Becoming One of NYC’s Best Neighborhoods

The fact that Brooklyn is a hotspot is hardly a well-guarded secret. Over the past two decades, the Little NYC Borough That Could has become an exponentially more exciting place to live, with new businesses, new residential developments, and some of the world’s most talented individuals eager to call Brooklyn home. However, when it comes to choosing neighborhoods, there are none that surpass the style, elegance, and amenities found in Brooklyn Heights. Just minutes from Manhattan, this enviable enclave has something for everyone, from fashion to food. Unconvinced? We’ve rounded up the reasons why Brooklyn Heights is, without a doubt, becoming one of New York’s best neighborhoods.

It’s a neighborhood rich in history

As you walk through Brooklyn Heights, past its brick-faced brownstones and along some of its still-cobblestone-lined streets, it’s not difficult to imagine how much history has transpired here. The neighborhood even has its own historic district full of beautiful, history-rich architecture. The Grace Episcopal Church, Packer Collegiate Institute, and the Herman Behr Mansion, all of which have been standing for over a century, are just some of the historical sites you’ll see while walking these tree-lined streets.

It’s full of world-class restaurants

You’ll never find yourself searching for somewhere to have lunch if you live in Brooklyn Heights. This neighborhood has become a hotbed for culinary talent, with eateries like Henry’s End, French Louie, and Siggy’s Good Food filling the bellies of neighborhood residents and visitors alike for decades.

The homes are stunning

Brooklyn Heights’ streets are dotted with historical buildings and charming low-slung brick townhouses, but the neighborhood’s focus on preservation means its more modern buildings fit right in with its aesthetic, too. Case in point: buildings like The Standisha stunning modern condo building that evokes a bygone era with its ornate exterior details, including a terra cotta, brick, and limestone façade and copper-clad windows. Inside, the building, while loaded with modern conveniences, from open-concept layouts to rainfall showers, is also packed with vintage-inspired details like pendant lighting in each home and penny tile in the lobby.

Its schools are amazing

There are few places that offer the educational opportunities available in Brooklyn Heights. The neighborhood is home to some of the city’s best private schools, like Brooklyn Friends School, Saint Ann’s, and The Packer Collegiate Institute, all of which have reputations for producing intelligent, wordly, and well-rounded graduates.

There’s incredible shopping to enjoy here

Fashionistas will be eager to call Brooklyn Heights home, thanks to the wealth of shopping options available here. In addition to countless charming boutiques, Brooklyn Heights is also home to one-stop clothing shops like Barneys, Urban Outfitters, LOFT, and Neiman Marcus Last Call.  

Choosing the perfect neighborhood is never easy, but Brooklyn Heights is one enclave any discerning New Yorker would be happy to call home. As you walk down the neighborhood’s beautiful streets, you’ll be greeted with everything from incredible fashion destinations historical landmarks at every turn. Before you start searching far and wide for the right neighborhood, give Brooklyn Heights a try, everything you could possibly want and more is already waiting for you here. 


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