Why Assessing The Problem Of Clogged Drains Is Important

Why Assessing The Problem Of Clogged Drains Is Important

Keeping your bathroom and kitchen drains clean is no easy task. The pipes collect an awful lot of dirt due to the frequency of use. The situation worsens, especially when moisture from sinks or showers lingers behind even after the water has drained. Blocked drains can cause a real problem and be expensive to repair.

If you ignore blocked drains for too long, major plumbing problems will soon start, such as blocked sewers or toilets, starting from where the sewer pipe reaches outside and joins the main drainage pipe on its way to the edge of your property. If not investigated in time and remedied appropriately, it can become a costly affair. But you can solve your headache by hiring a professional drain unblocking service like RT Olson Plumbing. They carry out most of their work in residential properties and understand how to deal with drain blockages. Now, let’s find out why keeping your drains clean is essential.

Unpleasant odor

Blocked drains cause terrible smells to pervade places around your home. When there is a lack of water passing through your pipes, the water cannot absorb any smell, causing waste materials in blocked drains to cause foul odors. Also, when a clog prevents water from passing through, stagnant water can collect more organic matter that would otherwise have washed down your pipes. Due to this, the problem of odor arises. Blocked Drains and their resulting deadly smells are foul for your health. They can end up devaluing property given the difficulty of fixing the issue and sometimes requiring re-selling or removing houses altogether.

Health risks

Blocked drains are a severe health hazard for your family and can cause a lot of damage. Blocked sinks can cause basement flooding, and damp living rooms and kitchens, which attract cockroaches and rodents. The resulting mold from ceiling leaks can also exacerbate skin disorders and allergies in people living with asthma.

Leakage issue

The blocked drains cause water accumulation in the pipes, which need a proper outflow. Else, it gradually becomes toxic with time and starts to seep out, causing an unbearable odor in the air. It is because of bug infestation, which breeds in dirty water. If this goes untreated, it might result in flooding of the house or even leakage of water into floors and walls. A thorough cleaning exercise is necessary to remove blocked drains promptly. Otherwise, the delay will cause immense harm to the surrounding environment and one’s health as there would be bacteria drifting around everywhere. You can prevent such circumstances from arising by hiring experts for clearing blocked drains and maintenance work at regular intervals.

As you can see, what may seem like a minor problem of a clogged drain in the kitchen, bathroom, or somewhere else can quickly escalate into something bigger, disrupting your peaceful life in every sense. That’s why it is better to practice precaution and take corrective measures on time. Timely fixing will have a cost, but it will be nothing compared to ensuing potential health risks and significant damage treatment.


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