What Type Of Comforter Is The Best?

What Type Of Comforter Is The Best?

An important condition for a night of healthy and full sleep is the right blanket. Today you can find a large number of models that differ in materials, design, and size. How not to make a mistake when buying a comforter?

Choose the best material

The filler is the main element of every blanket. It can be natural or synthetic. Next, we will look at the main advantages and disadvantages of the most popular fillers.

Natural down

Eiderdown, goose, duck down and their combinations provide products with lightness, good thermal insulation, and durability. Such a filler does not accumulate static electricity and perfectly warms even in severe frosts.

As a rule, down is pre-treated with silver chloride. It provides resistance to microorganisms, dry cleaning and preservation of the original state even after repeated washings.

The disadvantages of natural fluff include:

  • High price
  • Allergic
  • High hygroscopicity
  • Difficulty in care


Cotton models attract with an affordable price, good heat retention, breathability, and hypoallergenicity. But such comforters are much heavier than other products.

Models with cotton as a filler are less durable than those with down, wool or synthetic materials. They should not be used in rooms with high humidity, as they may become damp.

Synthetic fillers

Representatives of this category are microfiber, synthetic winterizer, holofiber, tinsulate. Such materials are lightweight, retain heat well, but absorb moisture worse than natural fillers. Because of this, in the off-season, under such comforters, it can be less comfortable.

Also among the advantages of synthetic fillers:

  • Affordable price
  • Hypoallergenicity
  • Simple care
  • Durability
  • Resistance to temperature fluctuations, microorganisms

Decide on the size

A comforter should not be too small or too large. The wrong size blanket is the cause of poor sleep.

When choosing sizes, consider the main parameters:

  • Bed size
  • The number of people who will sleep under it
  • Their age, height, physique
  • Sleep characteristics

If you sleep restlessly, often tossing and turning, or choose a model for a couple, take a double square comforter. Manufacturers also offer children’s, one- and one-and-a-half types.

Choose a design

Comforters come in single or double-sided, plain and patterned. The choice of design depends only on the interior of the bedroom and your personal preferences.

For example, in classic bedrooms, solid comforters will look harmonious. For nurseries or rooms in a Scandinavian, country, modern style, you can use more contrasting comforters in stripes, checks, with floral or abstract patterns.


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