What Kind of Videos to Make in TikTok if You Have No Experience At All?

What Kind of Videos to Make in TikTok if You Have No Experience At All?

Embarking on a real estate blogging journey on TikTok can initially appear overwhelming. Yet, the secret to making a strong entry into this niche is harnessing the right digital tools while igniting your content with unique and engaging real estate-focused ideas. With VJump, an exceptional TikTok editing application that boasts a wide range of cool effects and transitions, accessible at https://vjump.com/services/video-editing-app, creating visually compelling videos is more accessible than ever. The real challenge, however, lies in curating content that stands out in the real estate domain. Whether you’re showcasing property walkthroughs, sharing market insights, or offering home improvement tips, let’s delve into various beginner-friendly concepts that are sure to elevate your presence in the real estate blogging world on TikTok.


Participate in or create real estate-related challenges. For instance, showcase a before-and-after transformation of a property renovation or a “guess the price” challenge for different properties.

Reactions and Reviews

React to or review the latest real estate trends, property listings, or architectural designs. Share your thoughts on market changes, interest rates, or highlight unique properties on the market.

Everyday Situations

Document the day-to-day life of a real estate professional. This could include touring properties, meeting with clients, staging a home, or the behind-the-scenes work that goes into closing a deal.

Educational Videos

Share your expertise by creating educational content about buying, selling, or investing in real estate. Offer tips for first-time homebuyers, explain the mortgage process, or discuss the benefits of different types of investment properties.

Interesting Facts

Delve into interesting facts about the real estate market, historic properties, or architectural styles. Share trivia about famous homes, explain zoning laws, or discuss the history of a city’s development.

Improvised Scenes

Create short, humorous skits related to real estate scenarios. This could include funny interactions with clients, exaggerated portrayals of home inspections, or spoof advertisements for fictional properties.

DIY Projects

Focus on DIY projects related to home improvement or staging. Show viewers how to undertake simple renovations that can increase a home’s value, or provide tips for cost-effective home staging techniques.

Pet Videos

Incorporate pets into real estate by showing how to find pet-friendly properties, sharing tips for moving with pets, or highlighting homes with exceptional pet amenities.

By focusing on these real estate-themed video ideas, you can build a niche audience on TikTok interested in real estate. This approach not only sets you apart from other content creators but also positions you as an authority in the real estate space. Utilizing a good TikTok editing app like VJump, as mentioned, will help make your videos more engaging with cool effects and transitions, making your content stand out even more.


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