What Do Homeowners Really Want In Their New Kitchen?

What Do Homeowners Really Want In Their New Kitchen?

The past two years have seen some massive changes to the trends, needs, and preferences in home design. Surveys have shown a huge uptick in home remodelling projects throughout 2020 and 2021, and there’s no sign of this slowing down anytime soon. One of the rooms that get the most attention in any home is the kitchen, and these are the features that homeowners are looking for when considering a revamp, remodel, or redesign.

Storage, Sinks, And Faucets Remain Important

One of the most notable recent trends in home renovation is the expansion of living and storage space. People are naturally gravitating towards installations and renovations that actively clear out space within main communal spaces, such as the living room and kitchen. According to a 2021 Houz report, homeowners are currently more likely to focus on backsplashes and countertops than on any other kitchen component, hinting that this is an area where homeowners feel they will get the most value.

The report goes on to say that sinks and faucets remain in high market demand, although the number of actual upgrades is slowing down – 2% to be exact. This too applies to the interest around wall finishes and interior doors.

Cookware In The Spotlight

Interest in high quality cookware has also seen solid growth in the past year, especially as people stayed away from restaurants and cooked at home instead. Having a great set of cookware is an investment, and there are plenty of options that look attractive when on display too, adding an aesthetic element to the practicality.

Light Fixtures, And Appliances Losing Traction

Kitchen upgrades for lights and appliances are taking the plunge when it comes to current homeowner demands. The recent Houz report highlights a significant 5% drop in consumer interest, indicating that homeowners are shifting their attention to other areas of the kitchen. 

However, it’s important to note that the lack of engagement these products are having with homeowners may reflect supply chain issues rather than the products themselves. In fact, kitchen appliances had seen very consistent market traction up until 2020, holding space as one of the biggest sales drivers in the home renovation industry. When global supply chains and industries are back up and running at full force, light fixture and appliance demand with homeowners should stabilize.

Minimalism Meets Sustainability

Sustainable, recyclable, and minimalistic themes have surged in a variety of global industries, not least in the kitchen remodelling industry. Homeowners are gravitating towards appliances, installations, and products that demonstrate an environmentally conscious touch.

This can be witnessed through the spike in interest in recycled kitchen islands (kitchen islands that have been bought second hand as opposed to brand new), which present both affordability and sustainability to nesting homeowners. 
Minimalism and neutrality have both become major home interior themes of the 2020s, evident through the rise in demand for natural textures such as wood, marble, jute, and bamboo. Homeowners want products that emulate fresh, open spaces and natural-feeling environments.

Bigger Rooms In Demand

In terms of kitchen layout, a study from NKBA finds that newly installed kitchens will be up to 50% larger than previous standard sizes, indicating that homeowners are seeking to expand this area of the home. Spacious, open floor plans, broad interiors, and natural textures are expected to see the most traction with clients over the coming years.


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