What Are the Best Storage Solutions for Your Backyard?

What Are the Best Storage Solutions for Your Backyard?

You’ve run out of storage space in your house and are desperately trying to find a place to put your things. Why not utilize your backyard?

Backyard storage is a great way to keep your house free of clutter without having to purge all of your belongings. And there are several different storage solutions depending on how much space you have and the style of storage that best suits your needs.

So if you’re ready to start your backyard storage project, look no further. Keep reading for a complete guide on backyard storage solutions.

1. Wooden Shed

A wooden shed is a classic backyard storage solution for your bike, gardening equipment, and boxes of holiday decorations. Wooden sheds are versatile and you can usually choose from several sizes to find one that best suits your needs.

And the best thing about wooden sheds is that they can often add to the aesthetic of the backyard. A nice cedar shed will actually add to how pleasant and welcoming your backyard looks.

2. Deck Box

A deck box offers storage for smaller gardening supplies or kids toys outside. They usually come in a variety of different materials, but all weather-resistant. So you can put your things inside the box without worrying about them getting wet or rusty.

When you’re choosing a deck box, consider how much space you have in your backyard, deck, or garage. Then, think about what material will work best with the existing style of your backyard.

Backyard organization does not have to come at the price of style. Take a look at deck boxes if you can’t compromise on storage appearance.

3. Shipping Container

If you’re looking for a larger storage option, consider traditional shipping containers. This can provide storage for the larger items that won’t fit in a garden shed or a deck box.

If you are in need of a temporary storage solution, you can also opt to rent a shipping container instead of buying one. They come in various sizes and are safe and secure for even your most valuable possessions. They are also ideal for moving or during home construction.

4. Outdoor Storage Bench

You may have seen storage benches as a house organization tip, but what about the outdoor variety? An outdoor storage bench provides a comfortable place to sit along with sneaky storage.

So whether you need space for lawn games or birdwatching tools, you can safely store them right underneath your seat. Outdoor storage benches come in various materials, sizes, and colors. Make sure to measure the space before you buy.

5. Utilize Wall Space

If you have space inside your garage or in your backyard with an empty wall, you can use this for storage too! Setting up hooks, pegs, and shelves on the wall can free up space in your yard and in your home.

Wall space is especially useful for hanging bikes. When bikes are stored standing up for long periods of time it can affect the ware and inflation of the tires.

6. Potting Bench

For those home-garden enthusiasts, it can be hard to find storage for all of your tools. A potting bench offers a great organized space for gloves, shears, shovels, and clay pots. It’s like having your very own work station right in your backyard.

A good potting bench offers shelves, drawers, and hanging storage. It should be built with the user and their tools in mind. You may even find a few potting benches with wheels which is great when you need to move your supplies from one side of the yard to another or move into the garage in the event of bad weather.

7. Color-Coded Bins

If you want to know how to be more organized, take some notes on color-coding. Using a color-coded system keeps you organized and can be more aesthetically pleasing. Even when it comes to backyard storage!

You can buy bins or totes of different colors to store different supplies you use in your backyard. You can store the bins in a larger shed or other storage areas for absolute organization.

Be sure to keep a guide on your color system or label the boxes as needed. You can keep outdoor sports equipment in one bin and chair cushions in another. You’ll never again have to sort through a pile of boxes to find what you’re looking for!

8. Beer Buckets

You can now use beer buckets for more than storing cold drinks. The stainless steel beer bucket has a rustic charm for outdoor spaces. It’s a good place to store pool towels or goggles for backyards with swimming pools.

Buckets can also be used for hose storage or for gardening supplies. Another benefit to these buckets is that they are easily moved from one area to another and can serve multiple purposes for the homeowner. 

If you don’t like the beer bucket style, you can look for buckets with wiring or durable plastic instead. 

9. Trash Enclosure

Many homeowners stress about how and where to store their trash bins so they are out of sight and out of range that you might be able to smell them!

This is where a nice trash enclosure comes in handy. You can build a fence to cover the exposed bins and a fence to allow easy access to the cans when you need them.

If you typically have problems with racoons or bears coming for your trash bins, you should try a wooden enclosure with a liftable top. That way, you can lock the top and prevent animals from getting in and making a mess of your backyard.

Storage Solutions for an Organized Space

No matter what it is you want to store, theses storing solutions can help you. Clean up your space and get the peace of mind that comes from organized storage.

Start your organization project today and notice a difference right away!

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