Welding and Fabrication: A Brief Guide to the Types of Services Available

Welding and Fabrication: A Brief Guide to the Types of Services Available

Builders need more than tools to get the job done. Having a basic understanding of design helps, as there is a slight difference in how the process works. If you have an idea, welding and fabricating services can turn it into a reality.

Getting Started

Picking the right Welding company comes down to their experience and the type of services that are offered. Although welding and fabrication are similar, their differences are notable enough to change your needs. A good company will offer a full suite of services, and should provide enough guidance to route you to the correct answer. If you have to do all of the thinking, then a personal home project is the better choice. But when you have a build that is beyond your means, a professional service is the right way to go


MIG, Stick, TIG, and Orbital are the four most common welding types. MIG has its own two subcategories that concentrate on specific materials to handle the joining process. Since it doesnโ€™t require a constant connection, MIG has become the most popular method for outdoor applications. Another name for MIG is Gas Metal Arc Welding.

Stick welding involves the use of an electrode welding rod for the joining process. This is considered one of the strongest welds, with the type of material being the deciding factor on its overall strength. Stick welding is great for builds that will spend time in adverse environmental conditions. Another name for stick welding is Arc Welding.

TIG welding is also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. It is the most versatile of the group and works with a high number of materials. By using a rod feed and torch, builders can work with copper alloys, steel, titanium, cobalt, and more.

When you require consistency in abnormal builds, Orbital Welding is the answer. A rotating arc and a stationary set of pieces make up this complicated but necessary process. For this type of welding, it is highly recommended to use a professional welding company to handle the intricacies.


Even with its subcategories, fabrication is easier to informationally digest than welding. The difference here is that welding is several parts of a cycle, while fabrication is the entire cycle. Welding is always part of fabrication, but not the other way around. That means an understanding of welding should make it easy to identify the three most popular types of fabrication.

Instead of concentrating on the different types, with fabrication, it works better to think of the techniques. Doing that will cover bending, assembling, and cutting. These three fabrication techniques are the secret to an incredible number of manufacturing parts and projects. From the simple to the advanced, fabrication is a necessary part of any creation.

Do More Than Dream

There are an unlimited number of ways to create something spectacular and unique. You can either do it yourself, or hire someone to do the heavy lifting. No matter what option you choose, the finished project will be one of the greatest days of your life.


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