Watered Wisdom – Which Irrigation Option is Right For Your Home Garden?

Watered Wisdom - Which Irrigation Option is Right For Your Home Garden?

Patricia looked around at her local hardware store. There were too many options, how was she supposed to decide which system to choose?

“What happened to the simple garden hose sprinkler?” she thought.

Whether you are a prolific propagator or a novice in your outside yard, if you want to keep your garden green, hydration is a crucial element that is required. It allows your plants to flourish and is important for their survival.

While proper soil, fertiliser and pest control are all important parts to maintain a luscious and vibrant garden, there is no denying that they will be of little help if you can’t keep the soil moist and healthy.

Therefore, allow me to help you find the best type of water source to keep your garden thriving.

A little drop at a time

Sometimes good water control and a healthy garden come like a droplet of rain.

While you may think this idea as a means to kill your garden through thirst, or that it may be wasteful, such as the drip of a leaking tap, you’d be wrong.

Drip irrigation is very efficient, as it gives a controlled amount of water to your soil a little bit at a time, helping it to soak right through to your plants’ roots where they need it most.

Therefore, particularly in the summer months, when you may have restrictions or need to conserve water, your garden still gets a steady source of fluids.

A misty sprinkler system

While the simple garden hose sprinkler of Patricia’s childhood may still be around, there are now much more effective sprinkler systems that can help your lawn and save you water and money.

Sprinkler valve systems cover vast areas, such as large lawns while conserving water. Automated systems can allow you to set a timer for your water use, while certain systems are manually shut off.

This way you can conserve the precious resource and you hold onto the money by reducing your water bill.

How to get the best out of your sprinkler system

Whether you choose drip irrigation or a sprinkler to hydrate your backyard, the key is to get the right life out of it, while hopefully creating a harmonious habitat.

When it comes to sprinkler systems, you want to optimise on your usage. Different sprinkler heads and controllers help different plants.

However, when using a variety of different heads, it is wise to set a schedule for different watering times.

Understand your system and your space

When it comes to choosing your irrigation system, it is best to understand the size of your space as to what works best.

While sprinkler systems can cover a large area and can work â€œjust about anywhere”, they are susceptible to evaporation and inconsistent watering due to the elements.

If you’re a person with a small area and flowerbeds with appropriate soil, drip irrigation has many benefits.

These include reducing weed growth and even distribution throughout the roots, as they are installed under the soil and cost less than sprinklers.

However, irrigation hoses may require more maintenance.

Know your plants and soil

Finally, before deciding upon which irrigation system to help make your life easier, get to know your plants and their soil.

Various soils will respond differently to water absorption. Those such as sandy soils drain water easily, but loam soils hold better absorption and drainage, being a combination of sand, silt and clay.

Now, I hope I have helped you to weigh up the advantages of each irrigation system and make your garden more beautiful by assisting you to manage a precious resource.

Happy Gardening!


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