Top 5 Luxurious Casinos In Europe

Top 5 Luxurious Casinos In Europe

Luxurious real estate can come in many shapes and forms. Stunning villas are a prime example of this, as are luxurious mansions with intricate features. While we might think of buildings such as these when it comes to luxury real estate, there are other types that also deliver a high level of sophistication.

Casinos – particularly those in Europe – are perhaps the best examples when you start to look outside residential properties. There are some truly opulent casinos around, which boast cutting-edge architecture, lavish interior decor, and a glamorous feel. This is no surprise when you consider the well-appointed feel the casino sector in general has.

Many online casinos, for example, also feature glamorous, high-end design flourishes, which makes playing there more fun. In addition, internet casinos carry a range of glamorous games to enjoy, which enhance the gaming experience. Scratch card casino games are a case in point and are not only exciting to play but also bring the pizazz of casinos into your home.

But what if you sometimes want to visit a land-based casino as well, to experience the glitzy atmosphere in person? A good tip is to find the most luxurious places to play. If you fancy a jaunt to Europe, the five venues listed below are worth checking out.

1. Dragonara Casino – Malta

Dragonara Casino - Malta

Despite there being many luxurious destinations to visit around the world, such as the world-famous resorts located in the Maldives, this is a European casino that delivers the same level of refined elegance. It is located in Malta and enjoys a superb Mediterranean feel. The building itself is grand in size, and the exterior design touches give it a real sense of elegance. This is carried through to the interior, where the overall impression is one of true luxury. With plenty of games to enjoy here (such as 300 slots and poker) plus stunning ocean views, it is a top-class casino.

2. Casino Royale – Czechia

Casino Royale - Czechia

Although many people will know this place from the James Bond movie Casino Royale, starring Daniel Craig, it is actually a real casino you can visit in Europe. Found in the Czech Republic’s Grandhotel Pupp, it is also one of the most opulent on the continent! It is not only impressive to look at but also has an exclusive lounge and bar to enjoy drinks at while playing. With exquisitely decorated gaming booths to use and a selection of glamorous games, it does not disappoint.

3. Casino de Monte-Carlo – Monaco

Casino de Monte-Carlo - Monaco

Of course, you cannot talk about luxurious European casinos without mentioning the Casino de Monte-Carlo. Built in 1863, it is found in Monaco, which is itself well known for being the playground of the rich and famous. This high-end feel extends to the casino in Monte Carlo, which has a breathtaking marble and gold exterior. The casino interior is just as sophisticated and uses elegant color combinations to set the right tone. When you add in the glamorous clientele who frequent this casino, it gets even better. There is no doubt that you will feel on top of the world when enjoying some classic casino games here.

4. Kurhaus Casino Baden-Baden – Germany

Kurhaus Casino Baden-Baden - Germany

This has to be one of the top five luxury casinos in Europe. It is found in Kaiserallee, Germany, and has a lot to recommend it – not least the Black Forest setting. The casino itself is part of the Kurhaus Baden-Baden spa resort and has a neo-classical design. Built 200 years ago, it boasts impressive columns and is set in stunning grounds. Once inside, the luxurious feel continues, and touches such as beautiful chandeliers really help it feel extra glamorous. Packed full of classic casino games to enjoy, it offers one of the most joyous casino experiences in Europe.

5. Casino Estoril – Portugal

Casino Estoril - Portugal

As the name suggests, this luxurious casino is found in Estoril, Portugal. This location makes it one of the very best in Europe and one that makes you feel like a million dollars once there. The building itself has a modernist feel and comes alive at night when the large Casino Estoril sign is lit up. This gives it an eye-catching look and helps to make it a real landmark for those visiting Estoril. Once inside, the classy decor and sense of space really help it to stand out. One of the biggest European casinos, it has world-class dealers and a decent range of games, such as roulette.

Europe has some of the best luxury casinos

As the above shows, Europe really is spoilt for choice when it comes to luxurious casinos to visit. While other continents might have their own sophisticated casinos to shout about, it is hard to beat the history and sheer sense of grandeur that the European establishments deliver.


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