Wall Décor Ideas To Personalize Your Interior Design

Wall Décor Ideas To Personalize Your Interior Design

Every once in a while almost every homeowner looks for various ways to add some liveliness into their home decor. They usually start by changing the furniture or incorporating decorative pieces to spruce up their interior. However, people often forget about the simplest way to bring even the most minimalistic room back to life and that is through wall decorations.

The thing with wall decor is usually people either think that it may be an expensive project to do or they simply don’t know what else to put on their walls besides photos. Fortunately, there are many wall decor ideas you can incorporate in your home that will not only add liveliness to it but will also represent your personal style.

So, if you are looking for inspiration for your walls, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out some of the top wall decor ideas we have compiled just for you.

Amusing jigsaw puzzles

Generally speaking, jigsaw puzzles are a great way to have fun and spend time with your family and friends assembling them, especially those 1000 piece puzzles. However, lately, these puzzles have become the perfect and most original wall art for any interior.

One way of incorporating puzzles in your home is by opting for those with different colors and textures that you can match or contrast with the rest of your interior. For example, if the color scheme of your interior is neutral, then you can choose a puzzle with vibrant colors to make it stand out.

Another way of incorporating puzzles is by creating a family story using puzzle pieces. You can customize each piece individually or as a collection, or even mix and match them to create a unique design.   

Vibrant wallpaper

Instead of repainting your walls for a feature wall, you can go for vibrant wallpapers which can be the focal point in your home. As they are available in plenty of colors, patterns and textures, they are a fantastic way to add a visual punch to your living space.

One great thing about wallpapers is that they can be incorporated in many ways. For example, the most common one is to cover the entire wall, from top to bottom. Depending on the color scheme of your interior design, you can either go for a wallpaper that will match the colors of your decor or a bold, graphic paper to make it stand out.

Another popular way of adding wallpaper is by covering one half of the wall to avoid overwhelming the space.

A creative gallery wall

Incorporating a gallery wall has also become quite popular over the years as it can be placed anywhere in your home. In general, gallery walls are a great alternative to those with only one or two photos. They can easily update your interior and bring some personality to your living space.

Creating a gallery wall doesn’t need to be complex or take hours to do. In fact, it is all about bringing several art pieces together to showcase your personality. For example, you can create a gallery wall using family photos or create a story with several photos and hang them in a creative way.

The good thing about a gallery wall is that you can experiment with different styles and colors and combine them in ways that will seamlessly blend with your interior.

Hang your plants

You don’t need to place your plants on the window sills or in the corners of your home anymore. Instead, you can create an indoor garden by hanging your plants on the walls. Not only will they get more sunlight, but it is a unique way to add more liveliness and character to your living space.

For example, you can purchase or even build your own indoor trellis which you can add in the rooms that have the most natural lighting, like your living room or kitchen. You can even add the indoor trellis on top of a shelf and decorate it with all kinds of different plants and colorful plant pots to turn it into your focal point. Another interesting way of hanging your plants is by creating a terrarium using plastic fish bowls.

A statement mirror

Wall mirrors are also a very popular choice among homeowners who want to add more uniqueness and character into their living space. They are mostly used to reflect light, brighten the space and widen even the smallest room. As an original decorative piece, they can also make your living space more comfortable and inviting.

However, if you decide to choose a statement mirror for your wall, you should consider its shape, size and style. For example, the shape of the mirror plays an important role in defining the space because it highlights the rest of the room and can even give an illusion of your room being bigger.

Also, the size of the mirror should be selected based on whether you want your mirror to be the focal point in the room or simply act as the background.

Decorative wall lights

When you hear the words “wall lights”, the first thing that comes to mind is ornamental sconces that offer useful illumination and are just a little beyond accent lights. However, incorporating wall lights in your home may be the thing you’ve been missing to add more depth and brightness to your decor.

When you are choosing your wall lights, you should pay attention to your lighting purpose as well as the lights’ position on the wall. If you want to incorporate them for both practical and decorative use, you can go for translucent lamps to provide some muted light.

The best thing about wall lights is that they can be placed in any room. For example, you can add a wall-mounted light next to your gallery wall to better display the photos.

Final thoughts

All in all, wall decorations are the perfect way to add some freshness to your decor and make your home more inviting. Whether you decide to purchase a wall decorative piece or create your own, there are endless ways on how you can transform your living space’s appearance. So, if you are tired of hanging posters and simple art pieces, refer back to this guide to get inspired about your new wall decor.


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