Unfamiliar with the Local Area? What to Ask a Real Estate Agency Before Hiring Them

Unfamiliar with the Local Area? What to Ask a Real Estate Agency Before Hiring Them

When you’ve been offered a great job in a different city or state, it’s going to be a shock to the system. The differences between states are often considerable, with the style of real estate reflecting the culture and sensibilities in the area.

Whether you’re hiring a real estate agency to find you a temporary rental or an outright purchase before arrival, here is what to ask first. 

Any Unique Aspects to their Real Estate Market?

What are the unique aspects to their market that they feel are different than other states? Will these differences have a material impact on what I can expect from them or the market as a whole?

For instance, homes may sell faster than elsewhere because there’s increased demand. Certain places may act as commuter belts whereas coastal regions mostly cater to beach lovers and command commensurately higher prices. For instance, Sydney is considerably costlier than Perth on opposite sides of the coast.  

The agency should readily point to specific aspects where their market stands apart from others. A Kew based property Agency – Antonzhouk.com.au is one example. They should certainly be able to do so without difficulty. And when an agency struggles to do so, then more questions should be asked of them. 

What Facilities Are Available for Residents?

When it comes to a mix of possible places to settle within the state, what sets them apart?

Is there something to recommend a certain district such as better access to top-rated schools, easier transportation access to the business community, or excellent sporting facilities?

When you have hobbies that benefit from certain vantage points, or access to facilities, what are they and do they have them there? Or will you need to take up a different hobby once relocating?

Ask for a Clear Idea of Rental and Purchase Price Ranges

The cost to rent a home for the initial months when quickly moving to take up a new job needs to be clear. The price range for a 2-bedroom apartment up to an expansive 4-bedroom home will be markedly different. 

Rather than a “Well, it depends…” answer, price ranges should be made available to clarify how the local rental market is valued. Otherwise, how can you create a personal budget for the new city/state or choose between what you can afford based on those price bands?

Similarly, the price range for different types of homes for purchase will be useful too. Again, while the range will be wide, it is still a useful starting point for someone completely new to the state.  

Recent Sale Successes

It’s always good to know that the real estate agent has a reputation for making good sales, not just lining up buyers who are moving into the state. 

This is because, at some stage, you may wish to sell the home and move elsewhere if your employer has multiple offices around the country. So, knowing you’re in good hands for renting, buying, and future selling isn’t a bad idea. 

A well-rounded real estate agency can handle rentals and also market homes that sell. If they’re able to give you useful pointers to settle into the neighbourhood more easily, all for the better.


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