UK Real Estate – Top 6 Things To Know When Building A Guesthouse

UK Real Estate - Top 6 Things To Know When Building A Guesthouse

If you have never built a guesthouse in the UK, then you may not know that constructors place it in the category of accessory dwelling units. All accessory dwelling units, from granny flats, garden pads, to guesthouses are housing units located separately from your main house. These units have their own kitchen and bathroom, because the inhabitants need to be independent of the persons who are staying in the main house. The trend of having a guesthouse located in the same court as your main house is on the rise. Some people construct them with the purpose to rent them, while others want to use them when their family members and friends are visiting them. Depending on the features, you want the building to have it can vary in size. No matter what its purpose and size will be, you will have to make some serious planning before starting to construct it. 

When building your guesthouse you have to make sure that the unit makes sense. The ideal construction is between 500 and 1,500 square feet, a kitchen, a bathroom, and two bedrooms. When you design the plan of the house, you have to make sure it will be comfortable for your guests to live there. Also, this addition can increase the value of your house, if you build it properly, so you have to keep this aspect in mind. 

1.Check the local construction laws

All regions have certain construction laws, all builders have to follow. These regulations will offer you guidance on how to build your house. It is advisable to be informed before starting the project, because some regions allow the homeowners to convert an existing unit, while others require you to build it from scratch. It is advisable to check with a professional, in case you have difficulties in understanding what this process implies. 

2. Check if your local community allows the construction of accessory dwelling units

Even if the local rules allow the homeowners to build a new unit in their court, some subdivisions and local communities do not agree with it. You will have to get in touch with the subdivision where your property is located and to check if they allow it. 

3. Let the professionals complete the job

If you want your guesthouse to add value to your property, then you should hire an expert. They will make sure to design a house according to your requirements. An architect will know how to design the layout of the house, and where to place it, to complete the landscape of your property. In order to get the needed permits for building the guesthouse you will need to submit the plans created by a professional architect. The architect will tell you what the stages of constructing the unit are; and what the cost of the project is. 

Also, an architect is up to date with the latest building laws, because when adding an accessory dwelling unit to your main house, you will have to meet some rules. The new unit has to be located at a certain distance from your present construction, its general appearance has to meet certain characteristics and it requires a certain type of parking space. And what is more important, the architect will help you create the guesthouse of your dreams. 

4. Choose the view of the guesthouse

When building your guesthouse, you have to place it in such a way to improve the overall aesthetics of the property. Make sure that its location will not block your favourite view, from your main house. In order both constructions to have the best views possible, it is important not to place them too close to one another. For example, if you do not have a spectacular view from the accessory house, you can add windows to the ceiling, to offer access to the skylight. 

5. Pay attention to the outdoor layout

Some people have a large property, and they prefer to construct separate accessory buildings, rather than attaching them to the main house. They consider that it is an effective way to keep their main house private. If this is the case for you, then you will have to pay attention to the way you design the outdoor layout, because it has to look balanced. 

  1. Create pathways to connect the different constructions located on your property. You do not want people to cross over your lawn, when they want to get from the guesthouse to the pool.
  1. Use house signs to point to every accessory building. Make sure that the models of the signs blend with the landscape, and they enhance the look of the property. The models from are quite stylish, so they will serve multiple purposes. They will help people orientate easier and they will offer your property the look of a retreat oasis.
  1. Plant trees. All large properties should have trees planted, because they improve the privacy of the space, and they create a green environment. 

6. Decorate the guesthouse in a welcoming way

When decorating the guesthouse, you have to keep a single word in mind, comfort. People want to feel welcomed when they visit someone, especially if they will be guests for a long period of time. Your guesthouse should be designed similarly to the room of a hotel. Start with adding window curtains, especially if the guesthouse is located close to the main house, or another accessory building, because your guests need intimacy. 

The interior design of the space should be inviting, therefore it should include some essentials every guest needs. The bedroom should include a desk and some chairs alongside with the bed and side tables. You can play with the design of the rooms, but make sure you keep the style as neuter as possible, because different people have different preferences. Some of your friends may like the Art Deco style, but some of them may find it repelling, and you want all your guests to feel comfortable while visiting you. Create a guesthouse that makes your people feel like home.


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