Tree Trimming: When Should You Not Prune? Which Plants Do You Need To Prune?

Tree Trimming: When Should You Not Prune? Which Plants Do You Need To Prune?

The trees in your backyard will not only boost the aesthetic beauty of your house but also help you live a happier and longer life. When you live near the trees, you will be able to reap many benefits, such as receiving shade on the hot summer days and watching color-changing leaves during the fall. 

These are the primary reasons why people love to plant trees in their backyards and watch them grow over time. The trees will also boost the overall value of your home. However, even if the tree doesn’t look shapeless, they do require proper maintenance as well as care. Whether you have multiple trees or only one in the outdoor space of your house, you need to know the perfect time to prune them. 

If you trim the trees improperly or during the improper season, you will end up shortening their lifespan. Neglecting the pruning will cause a hazard to your property and your family members. 

When You Should Avoid Pruning The Trees 

Keep in mind that you cannot prune the tree anytime. There are specific seasons that will not only affect the process but also the overall condition of the tree. Here are the seasons when you should avoid pruning your trees. 

During the Fall 

As per Britannica, leaves fall in autumn. You might want to implement pruning steps to give the tree a sharper look. But keep in mind that fall is the worst time for tree pruning.

Pruning is responsible for growing trees and plants. Unfortunately, some trees are taking preparations to become dormant for the upcoming winter. If you prune them, you will end up affecting their strength. 

Additionally, some days might get hotter during the fall. If you’re planning to prune the trees on a warmer day and the temperature suddenly drops at night, you’ll be harming the trees. 

During the Monsoon 

If the climate condition has become moderate and your area has gone through a lot of rain, make sure you don’t prune the trees at any cost. If you prune a wet tree, you will spread diseases throughout the other plants.  This is because the growth of the microbes will be enhanced during the damp weather condition. These microbes will rob you of your advantage and might spread like wildfire to the other trees. This is why you should wait for the sun to dry the trees. When you contact Kelley Tree Service, the professionals will help you trim the tree without causing any damage.

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Which Plants Should You Prune? 

This is one of the most important things you need to know. After waiting for the right time to prune the trees, you need to determine the ideal one for the pruning process. Not every plant or tree needs to go through the trimming process. 

Fruits trees require more frequent pruning than the other trees so that they can give proper fruits. If you think that your trees have become unappealing, you should consider trimming the unwanted branches. They will not only boost the lifespan but also the lifespan of the trees.


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