The Top 9 Luxury Apartment Items That Anyone Can Have

The Top 9 Luxury Apartment Items That Anyone Can Have

Luxury apartments are not really that different from ordinary ones in a sense that most of the decor in these places you can actually acquire yourself at a much affordable price. The key difference is that individuals living in these luxury apartments are able to afford the more expensive version of such items. 

So don’t fret about decorating your space to make it look luxurious.There are several items you can get to achieve this aesthetic. 

1. Add the sectionals

If you were to pick a couch for your living room, definitely opt for sectionals. Sectional sofas are all the rave in luxury apartments for their simple and elegant look. It’s a bonus that you get to modify the seating into different styles so it fits your space. 

2. Pick a statement light

Statement lighting is a great way to express your personal style. But more than that, it’s a recurring theme among luxury homes that you can easily incorporate yourself. Shop for vintage lamps at the flea market. The more unique its design is, the better as it can act as a focal point to a room.

3. Install a mirror wall

Nothing is more luxurious than an apartment that boasts a lot of square footage. You can easily create the illusion of more space by adding a mirror. Not just any kind of mirror. You want a full mirror wall that will make your apartment look instantly bigger. Even better, it will reflect more light which helps highlight your other decor.

4. Freshen up with flowers

It’s very simple and yet it creates a huge effect on how your room feels. Something about having a fresh vase of flowers shows you have the luxury of time and money to pick them out from the farmer’s market and put them in a really nice vase. You don’t even have to buy it. Simply go out and cut a few trimmings from a plant and place it on your vase.

5. Go extra with the pillows

Similar to flowers, just having that overabundance of cozy items in your home evokes luxury like no other. So go ahead and pile on the pillows in places where you relax such as the living room and bedroom.

6. Bring up your curtains

Most expensive apartments have high ceilings to them so the windows are also draped with tall curtains. You can use this technique even if you don’t have a big space. Simply hang your curtains really close to the ceiling as this will give the appearance of a taller space.

7. Add a large rug

Bring in all your living room furniture together with a nice statement rug. Make sure it is big enough to include all the seats around it as it will really pull the room together.

8. Get matching sets for the little things

Matching furniture sets is a big no-no in interior design but then it comes to the small things, we highly encouraged it. For instance, your kitchen, you want to make it so there are matching containers for the salt and pepper. Or the bathroom where the shampoo, soap, and toothpaste come in a uniform container. It will feel like having a luxury vacation right in your own home.

9. Get rid of things

Sometimes, it’s not about adding more items but removing the excess that don’t serve a purpose in your space anymore. One of the main characteristics of luxury apartments is  simplicity and neatness. You can achieve that by simply decluttering. Start with the smallest room in your home so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Once you have purged all the unnecessary stuff, it’s time to find a home for the things that you do decide to keep. Having only your most important possessions on display will do a lot in making your space look classy.


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