Top 6 DIY Ideas to Upcycle Your Cushion Cover

Top 6 DIY Ideas to Upcycle Your Cushion Cover

Cushion covers enhance the look of the room, but with time we tend to change them. Leaving previous ones useless, tossing them into the trash. But before you cast them away, you should try out some cool items which you could make with your old cushion covers. So, collect all the cushion covers around your house with some other materials to craft your way, and let’s get started with some amazing DIY ideas for your cushion covers.

1. Make reusable grocery bags

As plastic bags are harmful to our environment, we can make a grocery bag with the help of a cushion cover, add a handle to your cushion cover with some basic stitches to create a reusable grocery bag. Moreover, you can also store it in your personal bag or your vehicle. 

We all need laundry bags, and with the help of an old cushion cover, you can make your DIY laundry bag just in 15 minutes.

2. Create comfortable pillowcase floor cushions

Well, if youโ€™re looking to beautify your home’s interior with a touch of creativity and personalization, don’t settle for bland and boring decor, as with 4inbandana custom pillow cases, you can transform any room in your home into a personalized and inviting space.

3. Make awesome clothes with your cushion covers

If you like crafting and DIYing, making your clothes with the help of a cushion is an awesome idea. You can sew a dress for your kid. Give some basic cuts to your cushion cover and add some ribbons, and lo, you have a dress for your child. We ensure that it will look amazing on them.

You can also create a beautiful apron with very simple steps. You just have to grab a cushion cover with any design of your choice, and take matching strand ribbon and sew them, and here you got your DIY apron. 

You might think it to be over the top, but yeah, you can create lovely cute tops for summer.     

4. Turn them into a storage box

We all need storage boxes for organizing our space. With the help of a cushion cover, you can make a beautiful storage box. All you need to do is take cardboard and a cushion, cover the cardboard with the help of a cushion, and you got your new storage box for your home.

5. Make reusable cocktail napkins

Paper looks a bit boring, so you can switch with new bright fancy cocktail napkins for your social gatherings. For creating this napkin, you have to cut a cushion into squares to create a napkin-shaped cloth, and here you have napkins you can wash and use for many years.

6. Recycle them into tea towels

You can make a tea towel for your kitchen with the help of your old cushion cover. Instead of using tissues, use these new DIY tea towels and save yourself a lot of money.

These were some untold DIY ideas that you could use to make awesome items using your old cushion covers.


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