Top 5 Tips To Selling Your House In Today’s Real Estate Market

Top 5 Tips To Selling Your House In Today’s Real Estate Market

Until a few days ago, the most common and popular way to sell your home was through a real estate agent. Sellers nowadays have a lot more options, due to all the new technology, in the real estate market. The real estate market in Orlando, Florida, is no different. 

You can now choose from a range of new methods, or go with the tried and tested method of hiring a real estate agent. You will soon find out that all plans have their advantages, as well as downsides. So to help you pick the proper plan, we have gathered some information that will help you to make the right choice, when you want to sell your house in Orlando. 

Hire A Real Estate Agent

A local real estate agent from Orlando is probably the most common option that most sellers go for. The real estate agent will ensure that the deal goes through for you by first listing your home, then marketing it through the right channels, arranging showings for other agents, and potential buyers of your home. 

A local seller’s real estate agent will be compensated on the final sales price, probably around 6%, they will then split this with the buyer’s agent, as they both will be operating on a commission-based fee. 

Hiring a local real estate agent will significantly reduce your workload, as they will assist you all the way. They have access to many agent marketing tools that will help them to list your home and allow them to target a larger market. If you have limited knowledge about how the real estate market works in Orlando, hiring a local real estate agent is a good idea.

Go For A Cash Offer

If you’re new to the current real estate market, you’re probably wondering, ‘What should I do to quickly sell my house in Orlando?’. The answer is very simple. Try going for a cash offer. 

A cash offer is when the buyer will buy the property, without taking any mortgages or financing, by offering you an all-cash bid. Sellers find this method more attractive, as the closure times are much shorter, and there is no risk of the buyer’s financing falling through. 

The buyers will buy your home and flip it for a profit, so if you are looking for quick cash, and need to sell your home instantly, for whatever personal reason, a cash offer from a quick house sale company might work out for you. As long as you can negotiate a lucrative price for it.

This is also a great option for someone who isn’t looking to make home improvements or repairs, does not have the time to hold stagings for the house, or negotiate with a real estate broker. If you are looking for a quick deal and fast cash with no strings attached, going for a cash offer is probably the best option for you. You can also take the help of an online agent for a cash offer. For this visit website here easycashofferflorida, owned by John Riedl.


iBuyers are a relatively new concept, they are online companies that will offer a cash offer, and buy the homes directly from the homeowners. To sell your house using this method, you need to enter the details and information about your house on an iBuyer site. 

You will receive an offer within a few days, sometimes even instantly. If the price is according to your liking, you can go ahead with choosing a closing date, and collect your money. If you don’t like the offer, you can list your home on the open market to open up for other buyers.

The best part about going for this option is that it allows you to sell your house online, without needing to meet with an agent physically. The sale process is fast and you don’t have to arrange stagings, or showings, of the house. You also won’t be required to pay any commissions or fees to any agents. If you are a tech-savvy person, this online method of selling your home will be a piece of cake for you.

Sell The Home Yourself

You can also take the option of FSBO (for sale by owner), where you just sell the home yourself. The best way to do this is by listing it on FSBO-focused sites, to market your house. Then you will need to arrange showings by coordinating with buyers, or their agents. Keep in mind, you will need to take care of the contracts, negotiations, and all other factors that are involved in the sale, on your own. You can also hire a real estate attorney if needed.

Going for this option allows you to have total control over what price level you want to be on, what marketing methods you want to use, and how you want to arrange showings of the house. You also will have total control and flexibility of the whole process, while not having to pay any fees or commissions to any agents. If you are well acquainted with the entire home selling process, are not in a rush to make the sale, and can market the home on your own, then this option is excellent for you.

Trade-In Your Home

If you are a homeowner who is looking to sell your home to buy a new one, you might try working with a company, so that you can trade in your home, exchanging it with the new one. How this works is the company will buy your house and sell it for a reasonable price on your behalf. They will then use that money to help buy a new property for you.

Using this method makes it easy for you to sell your property and buy a new one simultaneously. You also get to avoid the burden of mortgages. If you don’t want to face the ordeals of listing, showing, and finally closing your old property, then this will be an ideal option for you. Check if your market in Orlando allows these programs and go with a reliable company to complete the sale and subsequent purchase.

Final Words

These are the options you can choose from when you want to sell your home in Orlando in the current market. You can explore the market and get a few quotes by talking to a few Orlando real estate agents. Realize the depth of your knowledge in the field before picking a method. Ultimately go with the option that allows you to make the maximum profit most quickly and straightforwardly. Best of luck!


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