Real Estate Agent Explains How To Increase The Value Of A Property For Sale

Real Estate Agent Explains How To Increase The Value Of A Property For Sale

If you are ready to sell your house within the next several months, you need to start preparing right away. For many homeowners, this consists of getting their hands filthy and picking up some tools from the garage. For others, it involves just hiring a contractor. When selling a property in the UK’s highly competitive real estate market, having a home that looks great and functions flawlessly is critical. Offering your house for cheap is not enough.   Your house should stand out in your neighbourhood so that prospective buyers will have no choice but make the purchase.

To explain how to increase your property’s value and enhance your home’s aesthetics, Mariana Alejandro, a top real estate agent based in Madrid, gives an analysis from her experience of making 70% higher sales volume in the international property market.

Repair and paint the external wall

“The exterior of your house is the first thing a potential buyer will set his eye on. So it is essential that you ensure that your home exterior looks amazing. Houses that look unattractive, decrepit, shabby or neglected are usually unappealing to homebuyers. When it comes to your home appearance, applying a coat of paint will make it appear clean, stylish, inviting and aesthetically pleasing. Avoid overly aggressive or bold colours. For instance, I have seen houses with bright green or neon pink get rejected too often. You can seek help from a real estate designer or exterior decorator beforehand. You can also seek out online applications and software that allow you to preview your home design before starting the actual painting process.”

Mariana added that it is important to access your home’s exterior for any visible damage.  In her own words:

“There could be panels on your weatherboard wall that may need replacement. For brick houses, you may have to fill in gaps with fresh mortar. These simple upgrades will make your house look fresh and newly renovated.”

Windows and Door Upgrades

“New doors and windows add elegance to any home. They also play an important role in making  homes energy efficient, resulting in lower utility costs and attracting environmentally conscious buyers.”

Landscaping, decking, and exterior lighting

Mariana stated that landscaping and other simple exterior improvements, such as deck addition and potted flowers, can enhance the value of a property. In her own words:

“A well-landscaped yard is appealing to buyers, and fixing yours up wouldn’t require much money provided you have the room to do it. A messy yard is an indicator of poorly maintained property: areas with dead plants, unkempt gardens, or dull-looking yards imply poor maintenance effort. Make your yard appear fresher and more appealing by applying new soil, rocks, plants, evergreens, trees, and mulch.

“To create an appealing yard, composite decking projects will help entice purchasers to envision themselves spending time outside in favourable seasons, and this will ultimately boost the desirability of the house.

“Also, take into consideration yard illumination as well. Some home buyers have limited time, and they’ll only be able to drive around at night. Installing night lighting may add sophisticated, elegant charm to your outdoor area.”

Kitchen and bathroom

Mariana explained that kitchens and bathrooms leave a lasting impression on homebuyers, but they are prone to rapid deterioration because their decorations, appliances, and design can quickly become outdated. She added:

“The kitchen is a central location in the home; it affects the entire family. Buyers want highly functional kitchens that boast cupboards, countertops, and working taps.

“Kitchen improvements with expensive quartz or granite countertops and new stainless steel equipment are classic mistakes for sellers. Because these upgrades appear sophisticated and stylish, they may discourage home buyers who presume the house is too expensive because of them. Nevertheless, the kitchen equipment must all be in good condition and the kitchen must be clean and presentable.”

For the bathroom, she said:

“When it comes to upgrading the bathroom, there is a tendency to go overboard by replacing every showerhead, sink, faucet, toilet, bathtub, and cupboard. But it may not be worthwhile to spend money on an addition if you already have a functional and well-maintained bathroom.

“A well-designed space is key to a pleasant and functional bathroom. Ensure you paint the walls and grout the tiles, as they can make a huge difference. To make your bathroom appear clean and new, you can fix cracks and chips in your bathroom sink or bathtub.ย  Also, consider replacing older light fixtures with a more convenient or energy-saving alternative.”


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