Top 4 Moving Companies in the United States

Top 4 Moving Companies in the United States

On average, Americans move almost 12 times throughout their lives.

Whether it’s your first move or you’ve done it a dozen times in the past, moving is never fun.

Between boxing up your belongings and coordinating transportation, there are many different details to arrange. Choosing the right moving company can make a big difference in how your move goes.

Keep reading to learn 4 of the top moving companies in the U.S. for your next relocation.

1. International Van Lines

When you need to move cross-country, not just any moving company will do.

Even if a company has offices in multiple cities or across the country, they may not work with one another. This means that using them for a long-distance move won’t be any different than using a local company.

Instead, you’ll want to choose a company equipped to help get you and your belongings anywhere. International Van Lines specializes in that.

They work with more than 3,000 partner companies around the world. While they are a top choice for international moves, they can help with your national one as well. They can also handle special moving jobs, like moving pianos, hauling motorcycles, or even lifting things with the use of cranes.

2. North American Van Lines

Every family, home, and move is unique. While one household may have mostly boxes of clothes, toys, and a few pieces of furniture, another might be packed with expensive glassware, oversized furniture, and other belongings.

If you want the ability to customize every element of your moving experience, North American Van Lines can help.

Whether your move is short or long distance, you’re leaving the country or just the state, and no matter what you need to move, they’ll help you create a package that works best for you.


If you’ve ever lived in a large neighborhood, odds are that you’ve seen the oversized shipping containers with the name “PODS” across the side on someone’s driveway in the past.

PODS is a popular company that is both a storage container company and a moving company. 

While their full-service moving option might be more expensive than some of their competitors, their storage unit option is a great alternative.

After calling for a quote and choosing the right option for you, they’ll deliver your ‘pod.’ Fill it with your belongings and then they’ll take it away.

They can either deliver directly to your new home or store it for you until you’re ready.

4. Mayflower

Mayflower is another common household name in much of the US.

They offer a range of services to choose from. With 650 locations across the country, they make coordinating long-distance moves easier.

Another big perk of their services is their tracking option. Use it to see exactly where your prized belongings are on their route to your new home.

With so many other things to deal with at your old home, like maybe some DIY garage door maintenance, this feature is great for taking your mind off your worry over where your stuff is.

Choosing the Right Moving Companies for Any Job

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, any of these moving companies can help make your move a little less stressful.Of course, before you start thinking about moving, you need to find your next home. Check out the Listing tab of our website to find your dream house.


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