Tips On How To Keep Your Sofa Looking Glamorous

Tips On How To Keep Your Sofa Looking Glamorous

Everybody likes a comfortable and glamorous sofa. People can spend hours relaxing on their sofas after a hard day at work, and kids often use the sofa as their very own indoor playground. Because it is probably the most used piece of furniture in your horse, it will get its fair share of wear and tear over the years. 

Unfortunately, investing in a quality sofa can cost homeowners a small fortune, which is why people should maintain them on a regular basis. If you don’t take care of your sofa, it might end up looking worn out, and it could get damaged easily. 

With Christmas and New Year coming up, you might be expecting visitors to pop by. The last thing you will want is for guests to notice an old sofa that is in desperate need of some TLC. To avoid replacing your old sofa and to help bring it back to life, follow these useful tips.

Vacuum Your Sofa

Before putting commercial cleaning products on your sofa, vacuum it first. The vacuum will help remove dust, dirt, debris, and other particles that might damage the sofa. You will want the material spotless before you start using stain remover or any other cleaning solutions. 

Although it is of vital importance to vacuum your sofa before you clean it properly, you should do it regularly. By clearing dirt and debris off your sofa at least once a week, you will help expand its lifespan. Tiny debris that gets embedded in the fabric of the sofa can tear the material. 

Get Rid of Dog Hair

If your four-legged friend likes to sleep on your sofa, getting their hair off the material can prove challenging. Plus, pets can leave a nasty odor on furniture. 

Although vacuuming will remove some of the hair from the sofa, it won’t get rid of them all. Once you have finished vacuuming, grab a pair of rubber gloves, and soak them in warm water. Rub across the sofa’s material several times. The hairs will start getting stuck to the gloves, and once you notice several hairs on the gloves, rinse them off with clean water and start again. 

Unfortunately, this is only a short-term solution, so you should consider training your dog to find a new area to relax. There are several dog training videos uploaded to streaming platforms like YouTube to teach you how to keep your furry friend off the sofa. You should also consider investing in a quality dog bed, so your pet won’t be encouraged to sleep on your couch. Moreover, if your dog experiences anxiety or has trouble settling down, a dog anxiety bed can provide them with a cozy and secure space to relax, helping to alleviate their stress and promote better sleep. With the combination of training and a comfortable dog bed, you can create a soothing environment for your pet to rest and reduce their desire to sleep on the couch.

Are the Covers Washable?

Find out if you have bought a sofa with removable covers that can be washed. If you are worried about color variation, avoid washing them with other items. Wash all the covers together, but if you don’t have enough room in your drum, consider putting in half first, and the second half later. If you overload the drum, you could cause serious damage to the covers. 

After your covers have been washed, put them outside to dry for a few hours. This will help get rid of any odors. However, not all sofa covers are washable, so you should read the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines before washing them. Most sofa manufacturers post information about how people can wash their sofas on their official website. If you are struggling to find information online, make direct contact with the company who sold you the sofa, or the sofa manufacturers. 

Hire a Cleaning Company that Specializes in Cleaning Sofas

Some cleaning companies provide a sofa cleaning service, like upholstery cleaning Clapham. They will have all of the sofa cleaning equipment and solutions on hand, plus, they will have years of experience cleaning different types of sofas. 

Even if you maintain your sofa regularly, you might want to consider hiring a sofa cleaning company once a year. They will have equipment specifically designed to remove stubborn stains from sofas. 

If you feel like your beloved sofa is beyond repair, before throwing it in the trash, why not ask a cleaning company if they can rescue it? You’d be surprised what reputable cleaning companies can do, even with furniture that looks like it’s ready to be scrapped. 

Invest in New Cushions

A set of new cushions can help transform your old sofa. They can add color, and make your sofa feel more comfortable. 

Replacing an old sofa with a new one will cost you a pretty penny, but a few new cushions won’t break the bank. You will find a variety of cushions online, so you are bound to find ones that fit in with your living room’s decor. If you like your old cushions but they appear worn, why not invest in new covers?

Get It ReUpholstered

If the value of the Sofa warrants it, it may be worth considering getting the sofa reupholstered.  Getting a sofa reupholstered is not a cheap exercise, as there is a significant amount of material and labor involved.

As a result, it is unlikely to be a smart financial decision to do this for a cheap sofa, however, if you’re sofa is a high-quality piece of furniture, then getting it reupholstered may be a way to increase how glamorous it is and give it a new sense of life.

Draping a Blanket or Throw Rug Over It

In many interior design situations, the addition of a small decorative item can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of an area. A blanket or throw rug can do just that.

By using a throw rug of a particular texture and color and draping it over the arm of the sofa, it is possible to significantly increase the sense of glamour that the sofa exudes.

You can experiment with different throw rug textures, and colors, and also whereabouts on the sofa you place the rug. They can be draped over the sofa arm, over the back of the sofa, or draped across the sofa cushions, with each different location providing a different visual impact.

Cover It When Not In Use

Though a sofa cover is not the most visually appealing item, having a bed sheet or cotton blanket covering your sofa when not in use can have a significant impact on its looks and how well it ages.

These coverings protect the sofa from pets, dust, and also sunlight which can have a cumulative negative impact on your sofa’s vibrance.

Change What Is Around Your Sofa

You can also change the look of your sofa by changing what is around your sofa. If your Sofa is mixed in between many other items of furniture with many different colors and textures, it may not have the opportunity to stand out as it could. 

So by placing the sofa in a more minimalist environment, or removing some of the other items that are currently around the Sofa, you can help the sofa’s natural beauty come out.

Final Thoughts

There is a range of different things you can do to keep your sofa looking glamorous. Some require an investment of money, whilst others can be done without spending a dollar expected you will find the perfect look and the perfect environment that helps your sofa stand out.


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