Things To Know Before Using Botto, A Decentralized Autonomous Artist

Things to Know Before Using Botto, a Decentralized Autonomous Artist

Botto is a decentralized autonomous artist. What does that mean for you? It means that you can sell your art in exchange for Bottos and then use the coins to buy other artists’ work. The platform has no central organization, meaning it’s impossible to shut down or censor. Artists can set their prices and receive 100% of the profits from their artwork. Here are few things you should know before using Botto.

1. You can trade Bottos for Ether to buy other artists’ works

You will need a wallet and some Ether to purchase the art on the platform, so start by acquiring those two things before using Botto. Then, after having your Ethereum stored in a wallet, head over here, click “Buy Now,” and follow the instructions.

2. Artists are paid in ETH

Remember that Bottos is just a currency on the platform, not something you can use to purchase art directly. You’ll also need Ether if you want to buy other artists’ work. Artists set their prices and receive 100% of the profits from every sale made under them. If an artist has artwork selling at 0.01 ETH, but all your funds are in Botto, you won’t be able to pay with it.

3. You can sell your art on Botto

If you’re an artist, that means anyone with Ether will be able to purchase your work through the platform. Just head over here, input some information about yourself and upload your art. If the team approves it, you are in business.

You’ll receive ETH at whatever price point was set when someone buys your artwork. It doesn’t have to be 0.01 ETH – if you set a high price, more people might buy it for that amount of money.The choice is yours as the seller how much profit you want to keep for yourself after each sale has been made.

4. There are sub-accounts, but they don’t mean anything

When you sign up for Botto, you automatically get a sub-account. There’s no need to make your own it just means that other artists under the main account have permission to upload art onto your account before being reviewed by a team of moderators. You can also “transfer” ownership of their accounts later on it doesn’t change who gets credit for each sale made, though.

5. Botto has an in-app exchange

If you want to sell your artwork for Bottos but don’t have any yet, never fear. Botto provides a way for you to easily buy the coins with Ether – click “Exchange” when on homepage and follow the instructions. You can also use this feature if other artists’ work is selling at 0.01 ETH but all your funds are held in Bottos.


Botto is a decentralized autonomous artist, so it’s impossible for us to enforce rules like “artists can only charge 0.01 ETH for their work”. So it’s up to the artists themselves how much they want to sell their art at. If you feel that an artwork should be worth more than its initial listing price negotiate with the account owner and see what kind of deal you can get on your own.


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