The Signs You Need A New Roof – A Basic Guide

The Signs You Need A New Roof

The average cost of water damage restoration is $2,400 but it can go as high as $4,250. You should want to avoid having to pay such a high price. One way to do this is to replace your roof when necessary. 

What are some signs you need a new roof? Read on to find out. 

Your Roof Has Exceeded Its Lifespan 

It’s never a good idea to keep a roof for much longer than its expected lifespan. Doing so puts the roof at risk of collapse, which can be dangerous. It can also put you in a cycle of constantly repairing a roof, which will drain your finances. 

How can you find out the age of your roof? If you’re not the home’s original owner, find out when your home was built and/or if other owners replaced the roof. You can then look up the lifespans of types of roofing to estimate how close your roof is to expiration. 

Here’s a list of the lifespans of some different roofing materials.

  • Slate: 60 to 175 years
  • Clay: 50 to 100 years 
  • Metal: 40 to 80 years
  • Asphalt: 20 to 50 years

Areas of Your Roof Are Drooping or Sagging 

When areas of your roof start to droop or sag, it’s an indication that your roof’s support structure is failing. If there aren’t too many drooping spots, roofers may be able to just replace that section of your roof’s support system. If there are many of these areas, replacing a roof is probably the best option. 

How can you see if areas of your roof are drooping or sagging? You can get a ladder and look over your roof’s surface. Do not get onto your roof and walk around as you can injure yourself and further damage your roof. 

You can also go up to your attic and inspect the underside of the roof there. 

Your Home Roofing Is Noticeably Aged

Can you not find out the age of your roof? If so, there are other ways to tell that your roofing is getting too old. These depend on the type of roofing your home has. 

For example, aged shingles will look curled and faded. Metal shingles will look dented, rusted, and/or worn. Research the specific aging signs for each type of roof and see if your roofing has them. 

You Have a Leaky Roof 

Have you paid for multiple roof repairs and you still have a leaky roof? Replacing your roof may be the best option. It may seem expensive at first, but it will save you money in the long run. 

Get More Useful Information After Learning the Signs You Need a New Roof 

Your roof is an important part of keeping you and your housemates safe within your home. It’s best to keep it in its best shape, even if this means spending a fair amount on a roof replacement. 

Did you learn a lot about the signs you need a new roof? You don’t have to stop there! Check out our hundreds of other pieces for useful real estate and home information.


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