The Most Impressive Pools In The World

The Most Impressive Pools In The World

Pools, where you can go diving, ride a yacht or swim next to sharks, offering panoramic views of an untouched tropical landscape or a modern metropolis – relaxation in these places, will be remembered for a long time.

Today we want to tell you about the most famous, beautiful and impressive swimming pools in the world.

The largest (Chile)

San Alfonso del Mar - Largest Swimming Pool - Algarrobo, Chile

This pool of the resort of San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo is striking in its size: it stretches along the coastline for more than 1 km, and the total area is 80,000 m². In addition, this pool is salty, which in itself is very attractive. It can also be attributed to infinity pools since such an area itself seems to be endless, and it is separated from the ocean by a small strip of sand.

For the convenience of tourists, several separate smaller pools have been formed. And throughout the rest of the territory, guests are offered to sail on boats. The size of this pool even allows for sailing competitions.

San Alfonso del Mar is not only the largest pool in the world, thanks to which it got into the Guinness Book of Records, but also the most expensive to operate – its maintenance requires $4 million a year.

The most picturesque (Bali)

Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel - Swimming Pool - Bali, Indonesia

In the middle of the rainforest in Bali, there is an Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel, one of the highlights of which is the two-level swimming infinity pool. It is distinguished from other pools of this type not only by the view that opens from it but also by its appearance. The whole structure looks very impressive and impressive, which is not surprising because it is finished with stone and has two tiers.

The most minimalistic (Greece)

Mirage House by Kois Associated Architects - Rooftop Swimming Pool - Greek Island of Tinos

A roof made entirely of water, or is it just a mirage? You involuntarily ask yourself a question when you see a private residence built by Kois Associated Architects on the hills of the Greek island of Tinos. This effect is achieved thanks to the flat roof that extends beyond the building, where the architects placed the pool. This roof not only serves as a resting place from where you can admire the panoramic view of the Aegean Sea but also provides protection from the hot sun. The house itself, dubbed Mirage House, is hidden inside the hill.

The longest on the roof of the building (Singapore)

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park Hotel - Singapore

Pools often decorate the roofs of not only private residences. Many hotels have made this architectural solution their “feature”. The largest of these pools is located in the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park hotel in Singapore. It is located at a height of 200 meters from the ground level, and thanks to the original design, its sides hide the water level from the public’s eyes, which drains over the edge into a special drain and then returns back. It seems that the water, overflowing the edge of the pool, falls directly onto the city. The pool connects the three towers of the hotel and is 150 meters long.

Most frightening (USA)

American Golden Nugget Hotel - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Thrill-seekers should definitely visit the American Golden Nugget Hotel, where there is an original three-level pool with artificial waterfalls. Here you can swim and watch the inhabitants of the deep sea at the same time. The pool is surrounded by wide marble terraces decorated with many palms and exotic plants from all over the world. Inside one of the levels there is a special transparent tube, through which, like on a roller coaster, you can swim past 16 different shark species. Transparent protective partitions are practically invisible, which gives the feeling that you are surrounded by dangerous predators. In total, the pool contains several hundred species of fish.

The deepest (Italy)

Emanuele Boaretto - Deepest Swimming Pool - Italy

“Y-40” – this is the name of the deepest pool in the world – was built by the project of Emanuele Boaretto and is located in Italy. This name is symbolic: the letter “Y” is the designation of the coordinate axis, and “40” is the maximum depth of the pool. The deep part of the Y-40 is made in the form of a cylinder covered with special tiles that are resistant to strong pressure. The water temperature in the pool is maintained at 32-34 ° С. For technical diving enthusiasts, the Y-40 has special ledges and caves at intermediate depths.

The most “airy” (China)

Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong - Overhanging Air Swimming Pool - China

From the depths of the Italian swimming pool, we will move to Shanghai, where on the 24th floor of the Holiday Inn there is a swimming pool, where you can experience the unforgettable sensation of floating between heaven and earth. This effect is achieved due to the fact that part of the pool protrudes outside the building, and the bottom of this part is made of high-strength glass, which allows you to see the street at the foot of the building. Swimming here, you can simultaneously overcome the fear of heights and depths.

The most caveman (Greece)

Katikies Hotel - Swimming Pool - Greek Island of Santorini

Contrary to our beliefs, a cave is not always dark, damp, and cold. In one of the natural caves of the volcanic Greek island of Santorini, the Katikies Hotels swimming pool is located, where a lot of sunlight penetrates during the day, which, together with the white walls of the cave, has a relaxing effect.

The most futuristic (Austria)

Austrian Aqua Dome - Austria

Swimming in the pool is pleasant not only when it’s hot outside. In the terminal baths of the Austrian Aqua Dome, you can swim in the open air all year round, even when everything is in the snow. The water temperature in them is maintained at 34-36 °С. And the futuristic shape of these baths is reminiscent of the outlines of a spaceship.

The most endless (Maldives)

Rangali Island Hotel - Oceanfront Swimming Pool - Maldives

The swimming pool of the Rangali Island hotel in the Maldives begins on the coast of the island and seems endless, extending far beyond the horizon, so smoothly it merges with the Indian Ocean. While swimming in it, you will not leave them feeling that you are swimming in the ocean.

The largest in Europe (Turkey)

Mardan Palace Resort - Antalya, Turkey

The Mardan Palace Hotel in Antalya is an example of luxury, comfort, and pleasure. Everything here is aimed at making guests feel unique and able to relax at the highest level. And of course, such a hotel couldn’t have a simple pool. The pool area is 18,000 m². From the main part, crossing the entire territory of the complex, channels diverge, on which guests are offered a ride on a gondola trimmed with gold. You can also make your own reef and swim on it in the pool.  

The laser show with aqua animation and sound effects is considered one of the best in the world. This pool impresses not only with its size but also with various additional entertainments.

If, after visiting this hotel and pool, you would like to extend your pleasure and stay in this picturesque country, you can take a closer look at the lovely homes in Turkey with private pools. Today it is very profitable to buy such a house at a bargain price. Just check the house offers in this market, as now is a very good time to buy property.

The largest indoor pool (Japan)

Seagaia Ocean Dome - Miyazaki, Miyazaki, Japan

Kyushu Island attracts tourists not only for its natural beauty but also for the presence of a huge indoor pool. This pool can hold up to 10,000 people at a time. Above it, there is a dome, 38 meters high, which can open and close depending on weather conditions. The water temperature is about 28, the walls with graffiti of clouds and palms, white sand on the “beach” will make you feel like on the ocean

The most romantic (India)

Seagaia Ocean Dome - Miyazaki, Miyazaki, Japan

A bit unusual category, but well-deserved recognition. If you want to bring romance into your life, or can make a surprise or a declaration of love to your significant other, then this pool in hotel “Umaid Bhawan Palace”(Jodhpur) will help you. Illuminated by thousands of aroma candles, the pool covered with rose petals awakens the most tender feelings at a party. Luxurious finishes, the purest azure water, and aromas only enhance all romantic impulses.


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