The Different Types of Industrial Doors

The Different Types of Industrial Doors

For an industrial workspace or unit an industrial door provides a great level of security and protection. When looking for a new or replacement door it can be difficult to choose. Hormann, as leaders in the industry, have helped to identify the main types of industrial doors, their purpose, and their differences. 

The following are all different types of industrial doors, perfect for a variety of uses:

Industrial sectional doors

Sectional doors work by opening vertically, they create free space both in front of and behind the door. As the door opens the sections fold and are stored flat underneath the ceiling. This provides an excellent space-saving alternative to traditional swing doors. Perfectly designed to be used within large factories and warehouses as they provide thermal insulation and are available on the market in a range of widths and heights. Typically made with steel, these doors are affordable and efficient, saving you company costs by keeping your building secure and well insulated. You can choose to operate these doors manually or with an automatic mechanism.

High-speed doors

High-speed industrial doors offer many benefits to companies. They can be used both internally and externally, offering you a great range of choice. Making your business processes faster allowing for quick flow of traffic, high-speed industrial doors are a great choice for busy workspaces. 

They offer a number of benefits to the workplace including:

  • Optimised Processes
  • Long Service Life
  • Reliable Safety & Security

Rolling shutters and rolling grilles

Doors can sometimes take up a large amount of space in commercial buildings. Rolling shutters and grilles offer the perfect solution for approved security without the need for an excessive amount of space. These will roll up and compactly fit being the lintel, requiring very little headroom. Thanks to their strong and robust design, rollers shutters and grilles are favoured for external shop fronts, bars, and car parks. You will have seen these when walking past closed storefronts and shopping malls, as they provide additional security and protection for the building. 

Fire sliding doors

Choosing a fire sliding door means you will have a door designed, tested and certified to prevent the spread of fire. These are particularly effective in workshops where there is heavy machinery and a high risk of fire. Useful for many industrial settings, fire sliding doors can save lives and protect goods from damage.

Sliding gates

Sliding gates offer exceptional external security and create a great first impression on visitors. They work with electronic automation and can be designed to allow entry for the widest of vehicles. Most sliding gates come with handy features including:

  • Climb over protection – for additional security 
  • Side pedestrian entrance gate – for entry when on foot
  • Intercom – to communicate with visitors 
  • Flashing warning light – to act as a safety measure 

Strip Curtains

Strip curtains are an inexpensive option for an industrial door. Popular in large warehouses, the durable strips on the curtains only open up to the width of the vehicle or load. This helps to reduce temperature loss and save energy. Great for places of food and medication production where temperatures must be kept controlled. The transparency of these strip curtains also allows for more light to brighten your space and to reduce your lighting costs. A perfect cost-effective option for an industrial door.


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