The Best Features Of Apartments For Sale In Dubai Marina

The Best Features Of Apartments For Sale In Dubai Marina

Apartment features are crucial to attracting tenants to stay in your apartments. From laundry rooms to fully fitted kitchens, tenants will rent apartments with features that make them feel comfortable in their homes and help them save money.

Younger tenants who enjoy a vibrant nightlife will rent apartments in Dubai Marina. With its restaurants, shopping centers, beaches, and malls, Dubai Marina attracts those who want an active social life. These tenants will not spend that much time in their apartments compared to older tenants. However, they will invite guests over to their apartments.

Here are the best features of apartment design concepts in Dubai Marina:

Promotes Socialization

Since the tenants of Dubai Marina will be younger and like to socialize, apartment features that promote socialization are crucial to attracting tenants to your apartments.


A balcony is a small outdoor room that can host a small number of friends. Close friends can watch the sunrise or sunset from the balcony. They could have snacks on the apartment balcony. Balconies suit tenants who have a small group of friends.


The three best kitchens for socializing are open-concept, semi-open, and galley-style. Open or semi-open kitchens keep the socialization going when cooking since it allows the chef to see their guests. Meanwhile, the galley-style kitchen has a breakfast bar, which tenants can use to serve snacks.

Built-in Wardrobes and Walk-in Closets

Many tenants in Dubai will enjoy getting dressed up to go out and have a night around the city. Built-in wardrobes and walk-in closets will store multiple outfits. Residents will be stylish when they go out.

Satellite/Cable TV

Residents of Dubai Marina could enjoy having friends over to watch sports. They could watch the American Super Bowl or the finals in soccer matches. No game is complete without sitting around the satellite or cable TV with friends and watching your favorite teams play.


The second set of apartment features makes the apartment comfortable. These features can deliver anything from modern-day delights to room temperature. After all, if tenants are uncomfortable in your apartments, they could move out before the lease is over if possible.

Broadband Ready

The internet is one of the modern-day delights that most of the developed world takes for granted. Residents can surf the internet, make dinner reservations, and read the news. They can contact family members and share experiences through social media and instant messages. Finally, having a broadband-ready apartment is crucial for those who work remotely.

Central Air and Heat

Dubai’s climate can be sweltering during the day and too cold at night. Central air and heat keep the temperature of the apartment comfortable. No one wants an apartment that causes them to sweat or shiver, and central heating and cooling will prevent this from happening. 

Intercom System

Sometimes, residents are introverts. An intercom system allows tenants to choose who enters the building. An uninvited guest would not be able to enter the building. The systems help facilitate communication if a delivery person is outside.

Save Money

The third thing that makes apartment features desirable is that it helps tenants save money. This is especially true if your tenants are younger, like in Dubai Marina, and want to spend most of their time away from the apartment and out on the town. Here are several features that help tenants save money.

Chiller Free

When you see “chiller free’ on the property description, tenants will not have to pay for their air conditioning. This feature saves tenants a lot of money if they enjoy colder temperatures.


Kitchens can help tenants save money. Some kitchens are fully equipped and fitted, including appliances and white goods. There are some upgraded kitchens available. These kitchen features help tenants avoid paying for kitchen appliances or other fixtures.

Laundry Room

Laundry rooms will help tenants save money. If the residents buy a dryer and washing machine, they will save money by not doing laundry at a laundromat. Sometimes, washers and drying machines come with white goods.

Partially or Fully Furnished

Furnishings are perhaps the most effective way of saving money. If an apartment comes with a complete set of furniture and appliances, the apartment is fully furnished. If the apartment comes with an incomplete set of furniture or appliances, the apartment is only partially furnished. Landlords should ask the realtors what they need to give the tenants for the apartment to be partially or fully furnished.

Storage Room

A storage room is a suitable place to put belongings that are not in use. These belongings can be seasonal clothes, seasonal silverware, or seasonal decorations. A storage room will help tenants save a fortune on using a storage unit. Visit the links for more information. 


Apartment features are crucial to convincing tenants to rent your apartments in Dubai Marina. These features must foster social interaction, bring comfort, or save money. These three apartment feature effects will appeal to younger people, who probably rent in Dubai Marina.

If you think these apartment features will attract tenants to your apartments, you should purchase apartments for sale in Dubai Marina today!


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