The Best Cities To Live In The US

The Best Cities To Live In The US

If you’re planning on pursuing your career in the United States, you might already be considering probable options for your residence in the country. While the pandemic has prompted people to move back into the suburbs, major cities undeniably remain attractive areas to stay in and work in.

Before doing this, make sure to get advice on immigration so they can better assist you with the process of your transfer. They can also walk you through getting US citizenship by providing you with available visas you can apply for to gain entry into the country. Entrusting the process to a reputable immigration firm will help you focus your attention on choosing all the things you have to settle once you step foot in your new home.

With this in mind, here are some of the best cities you can consider living in in the United States. These places are evaluated according to the affordability of lifestyle, quality of life, safety, crime, and employment rates. Regardless of your preferences, feel free to check out some of these great cities to know which one fits you best!

1. Raleigh, North Carolina

Sunset - Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Raleigh snatches the top spot on the list because of its bustling job market and high rates of safety. As part of The Research Triangle Anchors, this city constantly entices major companies and employees to kickstart their careers in the Tar Heel State. In fact, Apple has announced its plans to institute a new East Coast campus in the area, making room for approximately 3,000 new job opportunities, prompting people to move to the area immediately.

Apart from the research laboratories and offices, the city is also making its way up the cultural ranks as an excellent destination for people to drink, eat, and simply enjoy the outdoors. Its mild climate makes relaxation an accessible luxury for many. Apart from that, Raleigh also guarantees what other cities fail to deliver: low rates of crime.

2. Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, USA

Boulder, Colorado, is also among the best cities to live in America because of its great host of factors involving housing affordability, local job market, area appeal, and the quality of life that it promises to its residents. 

However, what makes the city appealing is that it serves as a paradise and haven for people who have an affinity with the outdoors, particularly those who are fitness and medicine enthusiasts. This is because the core of Boulder’s charm is centered on health and wellness, with its breath-taking natural landscapes, sceneries, and proximity to skiing and hiking trails. These things only make the destination appropriate for families looking for a great city to move into and young professionals seeking a nice quality of life. 

3. Charleston, South Carolina

3. Charleston, South Carolina

If you’re enjoying the lifestyle of being a digital nomad, then Charleston is the place for you. Charleston has been recently dubbed as a remote work hotspot, according to a survey in LinkedIn in 2021. However, you might need considerable discipline to remain productive since the city offers plenty of reasons to put off all your pending tasks. Here, you can bask in decadent Lowcountry cuisine, beaches, or rooftop bars that are only easily reachable with short drives. If working from home is not your best bet, you can still explore various tourism, healthcare, or manufacturing opportunities. 

4. Portland, Maine

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception - Portland, Maine, USA

This city is mainly known for its lighthouses and lobsters with which you can freely relish in the winter without needlessly waiting in long lines. Housing just a population of about 66,000 people, Portland, Maine, makes the quality of living more accessible than most because you have plenty of space for yourself in this city. Moreover, Portland also has plenty to offer regarding culture and the arts, even to the extent that locals are cracking jokes about how their city is the equivalent of Brooklyn, which many people consider the most hip out of New York boroughs. 

5. Naples, Florida

Sunset - Naples, Florida, USA

This city provides everything you could ever wish for from a waterfront destination. In fact, the only problem you might only ever encounter here is knowing which way to look, because the city boasts plenty of scenic landscapes and wonderful views that one can’t help but be overwhelmed by. On one side, you’ll see rolling waves and gleaming, proud mansions on the other area. But apart from that, Naples is also noteworthy for its top-tier shopping and dining, golf courses, and a slew of other features that make the city a gem for those seeking escape from the winter climates.


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