The Best Apps For Construction Business

The Best Apps For Construction Business

The number of construction applications is constantly increasing. New construction and systems apps permeate business processes at all stages of value creation and fundamentally change the way business and construction projects are carried out.

About 93% of the companies surveyed confirm that digitalization fundamentally influences construction processes. Introducing 4 construction apps that improve your job site efficiency by up to 70%.

1. A360 โ€“ all plans always in hand

The A360 application was designed primarily for architects, engineers, and designers. It allows users to view your 2D and 3D plans on a mobile device, comment, and make comments. This application supports many types of CAD files. So you can download plans in over 50 different file formats to have them on the job site at your fingertips, saving you the hassle of carrying bulky printed plans.

In addition, the user can be sure to always be on the cutting edge of planning. First, with L’A360, it is possible to download plans from Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, as well as e-mails. During a spontaneous visit to the construction site or a business trip, this saves the user from wasting time on tedious detours.

This application helps the architect, construction supervisor, and craftsmen avoid construction delays and speed up construction progress. The A360 mobile app also works in offline mode. Combined with the flaw detection software below, it can greatly optimize construction planning and monitoring work.

2. PlanRadar โ€“ the construction app for defect management and more

The mobile site app and PlanRadar software allow you to realize, with many features, complete digital construction documentation and the optimization of your defect management, for new constructions and renovations.

You can upload building plans and build simple structures as well as complex building structures. With just a few clicks, you can then create tickets that allow you to enter defects, services, and other facts directly on the construction site, photograph them, document them in writing, attach voice messages and locate them on the digital construction plan.

Invited project participants have direct access to your tickets and the data stored there. A sophisticated role distribution feature gives you the ability to determine who can read and/or edit tickets. Each modification of the ticket is saved automatically.

You can issue tickets directly to project participants, who then receive automatic notification via email and app. Filter functions allow you to create Excel and PDF reports with just a few clicks and export or print them. So you always have up-to-date data for customers and internal needs.

The Conclusion: The PlanRadar app is ideal for documenting work progress as well as for organizing construction sites, while the web platform makes your presence on-site superfluous. So you can easily coordinate the construction site from the office and devote your energy to other tasks.

PlanRadar collects all the information from the platform and updates it in real-time on the smartphone or tablet of each project participant. If you don’t have internet, PlanRadar works in offline mode. On average, PlanRadar saves 7 hours per week per project participant per construction project.

PlanRadar works on any smartphone and tablet: iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows, as well as in any conventional web browser. You can use PlanRadar immediately after account registration and you do not need to install the software. For reference, more than 25,000 projects are now implemented weekly with PlanRadar.

Another Advantage: The PlanRadar construction app can be tested free of charge for 30 days.

3. S3D capture: Scanning your site environment with your phone

The S3D Capture application allows you to create a 3D plan simply by taking a photo of your site. Thanks to point cloud technology, you can create 3D plans of your environment quickly simply with your smartphone. The application allows you to scan up to 200mยฒ in less than 10 minutes.

Once your space has been digitized, you can export it in IFC format and therefore use it as a BIM model! A very good complement to the PlanRadar site management application.

The Android system now has a market share of nearly 75% on smartphones and tablets. On the other hand, Apple only has a market share of 22%. It is more difficult for developers to create Android apps because there are a lot of versions and screen sizes to consider on this system. The PlanRadar and A360 apps we mentioned are however fully available for Android systems.

The Apple Store offers PlanRadar for iPhone and iPad. The Android version is available on the Google PlayStore. It is also possible to use PlanRadar on your Windows smartphones and tablets. This version of the app is available in the Microsoft Store.

4. Lio

Lio is an easy-to-use application where you can keep track of your employees’ attendance, inventory of the items, expense reports, GST registration and many more. It has more than 60+ templates available for you to choose from and work with according to your business needs.

Furthermore, Lio has 8+regional languages that you can choose from to work with.

Lio is available on Android, iOS, and web login as well.


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