The Benefits of Podcasting to Build Reputation and Credibility – Spencer Carpenter CEO of Outlier Audio

The Benefits of Podcasting to Build Reputation and Credibility – Spencer Carpenter CEO of Outlier Audio

Podcasts have boomed over the past year and half, allowing creatives, businesses and anyone who has something to say to express themselves online.

By 2024, researchers estimate that there will be 100 million podcast listeners in the U.S.[1]

But why is podcasting so popular nowadays? CEO of Outlier Audio Spencer Carpenter has some ideas and advice about why podcasting should be a part of every business’ media strategy.

Here are a few benefits of podcasting:

An SEO Advantage

When you host or appear as a guest on a podcast, it will stay on the associated website and all major digital outlets including Apple, Itunes, Spotify, Stitcher and more. This means you and your company name will appear in search engine results, in addition to backlinks to your website or social media accounts from the show notes and description.

Reputation and Connection

Being a guest on a podcast alleviates the pressure to communicate your value to the audience. Why? Because the podcast host is vouching for you. By simply being a guest, your reputation is being elevated. The audience of the podcast will be willing to listen to you and your ideas based on the trust they already have with the podcast host.

Unique Branding

Podcasting is not disruptive marketing. Unlike platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where you need to capture your audience, podcast listeners are volunteering to listen to you speak about your expertise and thoughts. There’s no need to pick the right image or the right words to captivate and compel prospects to click a link. Podcasts offer simple and organic opportunities to get your business out there. Best part – As the show grows, the marketing continues, allowing you to gain connections and leads, even for an interview that is years old.

Novel Trust Building

The voluntary nature of choosing to listen to a podcast creates a novel approach to building trust and rapport. The listener is wanting to hear what you have to say, instead of being guarded the way they might be on a sales call. You’re simply having a conversation with the host where you can give backstory, laugh, tell jokes, and be sincerely personable. This creates a scenario where the listener feels no pressure and can feel comfortable reaching out to you if they are interested in your service or product.

About Spencer Carpenter, Founder and CEO of Outlier Audio

Spencer Carpenter has 15 years experience in the music industry. He went from booking small shows in his hometown to organizing and executing multi-day music conferences and festivals, running record labels, and managing music venues, all while dealing with talent representation. Now, representing talent and booking podcast opportunities for clients around the country.

Outlier Audio is a full service podcast booking agency with more than a decade of talent representation experience.

With the rise of podcasts as both a means of enjoyment and a marketing tool, Spencer emphasizes the importance of talent representation for entreprepreneurs as the sole reason why Outlier Audio exists. He’s dedicated to uplifting and attracting visibility to entrepreneurs and business professionals with a passion and a purpose.

If you haven’t tapped into the world of podcasting, your business is missing out. Grow your audience and establish authority with experts at Outlier Audio. Schedule a call today.

[1] 69 Podcast Statistics to Boost Your Podcast Strategy. (2021). Semrush.


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