The Advantages of Buying an Investment Property in This Day and Age

The Advantages of Buying an Investment Property in This Day and Age

Investing in real estate property is a great way to build wealth or earn passive income. More and more people are becoming aware of the significance of property investment and are excited to become property investors as well. If you’re an aspiring investor yourself and you have great Atlanta investment properties included in your list of target investments, real estate experts can help you get the best deals.

You don’t have to wait for another few years before starting your own investment journey. Here are some advantages of making that property investment now:

Interest Rates are Low

Mortgage interest rates may have been climbing for a couple of years. Analysts have even been predicting more hikes, and this isn’t favorable for investors. However, due to some major world economic events and factors, the opposite has happened instead. The instability of the economy has somewhat become a blessing in disguise for property investors as mortgage interest rates have slowly been depreciating. Hence, it’s high time to buy investment properties at present because the interest rates aren’t too burdensome. Who knows until when this low-interest rate season will last?

More Foreclosed Properties

The economic downturn has affected many people. Many property owners had to let go of their properties to lessen the maintenance cost. Unfortunately for others who couldn’t continue paying the bank, they had their mortgaged properties foreclosed. On the bright side of things, these properties that ended up as bank foreclosures are now made available, and at reasonable prices. If you’re interested in investing in foreclosed properties, it’s wise to heed the advice of real estate experts first, so you don’t end up buying money pit investments or ones that have low returns. Additionally, you can try real estate crowdfunding.

You Can Still Find Affordable Prices

Property price hikes seem to keep going, and it could double or triple a few years from now. That is why it’s best to grab the opportunity today. There are still properties sold at a more reasonable price in certain locations if you just know where to find them. Also, you can have better price deals with short-sale properties. Some investors even prefer short-sale properties over foreclosed ones as these sorts of properties may come with a credit hit. Short-sale properties have lower prices as indebted property owners have to sell these properties at a price that’s lower than their mortgage rate. Although some short-sale property rates can come close to retail prices, there’s still a margin of difference, so it’s still going to be a discount for you.

Today’s Technology is a Huge Help

Technology has developed at such a fast pace and has benefited society in many aspects. Property investors are surely among those who have benefited from technology the most. High-tech mobile phones and gadgets have paved the way for better connectivity in the property investment industry. It’s easier to find the best property investment deals and maintain a vast network of contacts. The development of various finance management software has also made it easier to manage the sales and records of multiple properties. It has made transactions for property investors more convenient, from locating properties, contacting owners or agents, and making a purchase or sale. Other advantages of today’s technology on property investing are:

  • Availability of crowdfunding websites in making property investments online
  • Finding real estate agents, property managers, and contractors through online marketplaces and social media websites
  • Putting up properties for sale online

The Internet is Your Knowledge Base

A few decades ago, aspiring property investors had to wait for an investment guru to come over to their city for a seminar to provide them with insight into the world of property investment. Gone are such days because of the internet. You can grow as an investor by browsing the internet for investment tutorials and online courses. The previous decades also had its advantages since those property investors had to learn on their own and some of them have become successful investment gurus who are now the mentors of today’s new breed of investors. You can also research about the recent trends and updates in property investment, so you’re never left out when it comes to the changes in the industry.


Property investment will make for a long-term investment if it’s handled well. It can benefit you and your family for many years to come. But to maximize the financial benefits of buying investment properties, it’s best to start now. You have many years ahead of you to build your target financial goal. If you look back a few years from now, you won’t have any regrets because of all you’ve gained through those years.


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